BIG W 2019 TOY MANIA SALE: The best toys trending right now

Shoppers at the ready! Here are this year's hottest toys...

Savvy shoppers looking to get their hands on their year's top toys at a discount price, are bracing themselves for BIG W's annual TOY MANIA sale that kicks off in-store on Thursday 20 June.
And if you're thinking now is the time to stash some toys away for Christmas but are worried it's too far down the track to know what your kids will be into, then rest easy as we reveal this year's hottest picks.
Shane Carter, Head of Kids Universe at BIG W says research is key when it comes to knowing what will top a child's toy wish list.
"We're always researching the latest trends, fads and fashions for kids and listening to our customers to ensure we have the best range on offer," he says.
"We know our families shop now for Christmas so we are planning our buys well in advance, and this year, we have over 700 toys on sale with over 40 percent of the range new or exclusive to BIG W."

Drum roll, please. The 3 top toy trends are...

1. Movies and entertainment
Inspiration comes from blockbuster films like Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2 as well as iconic flicks, Harry Potter and Marvel's Avengers.
Top toy picks include new film-themed LEGO from $29, remote controlled Skate & Sing Elsa, $59 and the Toy Story 4 Talking Figures - now $15, save $14.
Little Frozen fans (but perhaps not parents!) will love watching Elsa glide around while she sings, Let It Go. (Image: BIG W)
The Ducky Talking Plush from Toy Story 4 says funny phrases from the hit movie. (Image: BIG W)
2. Nostalgia
Some well-loved toy brands have been around for generations.
Barbie is turning 60 this year and to celebrate she has a range of new fashion dolls, exclusive to BIG W (from $10) as well as her Dream Plane, on sale for $89.
Sesame Street is ringing in its 50th anniversary with a limited edition collection of Elmo, Cookie Monster and Abby toys, $39 each.
The Barbie Dream Plane takes three doll passengers - and even the seats even recline. (Image: BIG W)
Love cuddles? Gold Bowtie Elmo gives great ones. (Image: BIG W)
3. Online sensations
YouTube and gaming empires are now big players in the toys category.
Seven-year-old YouTube sensation, Ryan, has created three new Ryan's World toys for BIG W, including his Combo Panda Airline, $49.
Cult gaming favourite, Fortnite, offers battle characters in the form of collectibles and playsets (solo figures from $7) and Nintendo Switch is releasing the Limited Edition Super Mario Maker 2 on 28 June ($64) with the console at $379.
Do you have a little one obsessed with Ryan's World? This plane with six figures and accessories will be a hit. (Image: BIG W)
Play your favourite games anytime, anywhere, with anyone, with Nintendo Switch. (Image: BIG W)
TOY MANIA will run for three weeks, from 20 June to 10 July and BIG W's famed extended lay-by will be offered, providing a fantastic opportunity to budget now for Christmas and spread costs throughout the year.
For more details visit BIG W.