The mobile plan for kids that's good for your budget and the environment

Going second hand could save you a fortune!

By Rebel Wylie
Hooking your kids up with their first mobile phone is almost an unavoidable milestone in this day and age. The risks are daunting, but the benefits are plenty. Nonetheless there is still a lot to consider.
Will they use it responsibly? Are we opening them up to cyber bullying? Will we need to re-mortgage the house to afford another mobile plan?
Fortunately, thanks to a clever recycling idea, that last worry is taken care of … and it's just in time for Christmas shopping!
numobile offers "good as nu" quality pre-owned iPhones or Samsung Galaxy phones and month-to-month plans packed with heaps of data, calls and texts - the perfect gift for fussy teens.
And with iPhone plans starting from $25 per month and Samsung Galaxy plans starting from $20 per month it's certainly an affordable option for your kid's first phone.
"Selecting the very best pre-owned phones and catering for customers and their changing circumstances is at the heart of numobile's proposition" says numobile's CEO, Paul O'Neile.
"We back the quality of our phones with a 12-month device warranty and on top of that numobile customers can swap or return the phone anytime and change their plan month to month. This means customers can feel comfortable that they are not being locked into a long-term plan and have complete control when they join numobile."
There's a lot to consider when deciding the right time to hook your teenager up with their first phone. (Image: Getty)
Not only is this an affordable option for families, less mobile phone handsets means an environmental win too.
There are currently around 20 million mobile phone users in Australia, and with upgrades on the market coming every few months, that's a lot of handsets ending up in landfill.
The idea that using a second hand phone is making a difference there is sure to appeal to the environmentally aware teens of today too.
Second hand doesn't mean second rate quality either. The phones are sourced, one-by-one, from a large pool of lease returned devices owned by numobile's parent company Macquarie and all nucertified devices come with a 12-month device warranty.
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"Our model is perfect for young people, parents buying for their children and people buying for their elderly parents," says O'Neile.
"In fact, it is the perfect choice for those customers who are seeking quality and are savvy with their money."
At this time of year, who wouldn't be trying to pinch a penny or two?!