Check out the exciting new parenting books from the Australian Women's Weekly Cookbook team

New parents, these are must-haves.

By Rebel Wylie
There's something nostalgic about owning a collection of The Australian Women's Weekly Cookbooks. I mean who didn't want a swimming pool cake for their birthday, right?!
Now, the exciting new parenting titles from the AWW dream team are set to make their mark on a new generation of Australian families.
Full of beautiful imagery, great recipes and useful advice the three new titles: Kids Cookbook, 101 Baby Hacks and The Healthy Baby Book are three must-haves for the shelves of parents and grandparents alike across Australia.
Let's take a look at what they're all about ...

Kids' Cookbook

The team from The Australian Women's Weekly Cookbooks have produced a kid-friendly cookbook full of recipes that not only give you the skills to prepare nutritious food for your children, but also help to get them in the kitchen with you.
With triple-tested, step-by-step recipes, this book is packed with simple yet delicious food to encourage your little chefs to cook for themselves.
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101 Baby Hacks

When you become a parent for the first time, it's often the small inconvenience of caring for your baby that can trip you up.
Unfortunately these seemingly insignificant points aren't usually covered in your parents' classes, so mums and dads are left to figure it out on their own.
Luckily, the The Australian Women's Weekly Cookbooks team have put together a book full of essential tips and tricks to help you through this time.
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The Healthy Baby Book

Having a baby is a wonderful, rewarding experience. But it can also be overwhelming. No baby comes with a manual – until now.
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Whatever stage you're at in the parenting game, these beautiful new books will be a welcome addition to see you through, don't you think?