Boy with autism attacked: Melbourne teen beaten by gang of youths with a spanner

Police are investigating the shocking footage. Warning: Graphic and upsetting content.

Police are investigating a shocking video that shows a gang of youths wielding spanners and attacking a boy with autism outside a Melbourne school.
The Herald Sun obtained the footage that shows 14-year-old Quinn Lahiff-Jenkins being attacked by five other boys, outside Northcote High School, north of the CBD.
The horrifying footage shows Quinn being pulled from his bike as teens surrounded him. One boy pins him to the ground while the others punch and kick him. The attackers also used heavy spanners to beat the boy while they shouted, "have you got a problem?".
The group of teens pulled Quinn from his bike and attacked him.
Quinn attempted to defend himself against their blows. Police have confirmed the teenager suffered bruising to his face and legs, and was taken to hospital.
A spokesman for Victoria Police said an investigation was underway for an assault which occurred on St Georges Rd, Northcote, about 3.45pm yesterday.
"Investigators have been told a boy was assaulted by a group of teenagers," the spokesman said.
Quinn was pinned to the ground and repeatedly punched.
Quinn's mother Carmen Lahiff-Jenkins said her son, who was back in mainstream school this year, was now too scared to go outside.
"There are marks on his body but mental health is the biggest issue," she said.
Ms Lahiff-Jenkins said her son rode his bike to school to confront the bullies who had taunting him and another friend. Quinn told his mother the group had called him homophobic names and wanted to protect his friend.