The 5 apps that will have you regaining control of your life before you know it

You can thank us later.

By Rebel Wylie
Being a mum is hard enough, add in working and you've got yourself a great recipe for feeling disorganised and just a little bit stressed.
To help you get organised, we've compiled a list of five apps that will have you regaining control of your life before you know it!

24me for managing daily tasks

A personal assistant in your phone. 24me is the perfect solution to those of us who feel like our appointments, calendars and to-do lists are all over the place.
Easily sync across all your calendars, ensuring that you never miss a meeting, appointment or school performance again.
24me for managing daily tasks. Image: 24me

Momatu ensures you never miss a moment even when you’re at work

Being there for your child's 'keeper' moments is important to all of us but for working parents, this isn't always possible. In fact, 30 percent of parents have said they've missed their child's first day of school and 29 percent have missed their first steps.
Momatu is a new free digital timeline app that allows users to capture and organise their family's special moments and to create beautiful timelines that can be enjoyed privately and shared with select people by invitation. Momatu timelines can incorporate photos, videos and journal entries, ensuring no precious moments are ever missed.
Momatu ensures you never miss a moment even when you're at work. Image: Momatu
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Mealime makes meal times easy

If you find planning your meals for the week stressful, Mealime is the app for you. Not just your average meal plan app, Mealime allows you to create profiles for each member of the family including their allergies, likes, dislikes and general eating habits making it easier to avoid having food being pushed aside by a picky toddler.
Choose from hundreds of recipes within the app and add them to a shopping list to ensure you only ever shop once a week, saving you previous time you can spend with family and friends.
Mealime makes meal times easy. Image: Mealime

Pocketbook keeps track of spending

If you're someone who likes to stay in the dark about how much you spend on food each week, Pocketbook is not for you! It's an easy to use finance app that allows you to stay up to date with all expenses, set budgets, and keep on top of bills.
Additionally, Pocketbook syncs to your bank accounts, saving you the hassle of manually entering your expenses and highlights each cost into categories.
Pocketbook keeps track of spending. Image: Pocketbook

Happy Kids Timer helps you regain control of your mornings

Is your morning spent frantically running around trying to get kids ready for their day whilst also attempting to get ready for work? Happy Kids Timer is an app that helps turn the morning run around in to a game that encourages kids to get ready without the help of a parent.
The app comes with eight common morning activities as well as seven common evening activities to get them ready for bed – taking the stress off you.
Happy Kids Timer helps you regain control of your mornings. Image: Happy Kids Timer