A healthy back-to-school start

  1. Make mornings smoother
    Many kids go to school stressed out from getting ready. Help your kids get organised the night before: pick clothes, pack bags and set them by the door. That way everyone gets a good night's rest. Such routines can be especially helpful for children with ADHD.
  1. Serve water
    Drinking plenty of water keeps mucous membranes moist, providing a significant barrier to germs. A well-hydrated child is better able to ward off illness.
  1. Make dinners inviting
    Establishing a dinner ritual can bring your family together regularly, creating a sense of safety and belonging that reduces stress. Light candles, turn off the TV and let the answering machine pick up calls.
  1. Pack creative lunches
    Packing several small portions of healthy food works better than one big thing. Try vegetables (like grape tomatoes and capsicum strips) with bean dip or salsa, fruit salad with toothpicks, string cheese, popcorn, peanut butter and whole grain biscuits, or hummus with pita triangles.
  1. Take a Walk-Talk
    Make a habit of taking a little walk with your child each evening. So often kids come home from school, eat, do homework and go to bed. This is a chance to be active while talking about what's happened that day.

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