A handy how-to guide to breakfast in bed

Want to execute the perfect breakfast in bed? Easy peasy.

Over time, bringing someone breakfast in bed as become a fine art: from the breakfast choice, to the tea, even the tray décor is crucial.
So, if you’re planning on suprising someone special with the best form of dine-in ever, try these tips:
1. Keep the element of surprise. Although it might be nice to anticipate, we think keeping the element of surprise is crucial when executing a BIB (breakfast in bed). Make sure to keep your food making noises to a minimum and not to bang any pots or pans.
2. Accompany your amazing meal with an equally as amazing drink. We love this Iced camomile and honey tea with passionfruit from Food To Love and this Cranberry and peach sunrise . Take your pick and serve in a tall, frosted glass.
3. If you’re serving something that requires a little bit of baking or cooking time, like scones, muffins or croissants, make it in advance! Whip up your confection the night before and give it a quick reheat in the oven before you serve.
4. Don’t hover. Even though you’ve just given them a sweet gesture, no one likes to be watched while they eat. So, either get into bed or shoo! P.S. This includes keeping nosey pooches and curious cats out of the way.
5. Put on some background music. Choose something non-invasive and mellow, like jazz
6. Add a personal touch. Whether it is a sweet card, or a flower from the garden, or even some fancy napkin folding – your loved one is sure to notice.
7. Clean up at the end: it’s not a present if they have to work for it.
8. And lastly: choose an amazing breakfast for them. May we suggest some?

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