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Shopping for baby checklist

Prepare for the arrival of your newborn with the ultimate baby buys guide...

Getting your home ready for your baby can be one of the most exciting and enjoyable events of your pregnancy. But how do you go about preparing for the arrival of a newborn? By thinking ahead, you can carefully plan your baby's room and buy well-designed nursery items that will help you create a safe and welcoming environment for your baby.
Newborn necessities
In his first few weeks, your baby will need the following basics:
• six singlets
• six onesies (summer or winter weight, depending on the season)
• six pairs of socks
• four cardigans
• one sunhat or beanie (depending on the season)
• two knit wraps/ blankets
• several muslin wraps
Baby buys checklist
The following list features items you'll find useful in the first year. Use it as a guide, as you may not want everything on it. Stick to your budget and don't be afraid to buy some items (such as a stroller) second-hand, as long as they are in good condition.
When buying for baby, stick to your budget and shop around. (Image: Getty Images)
First aid
Keep a well-stocked first-aid kit on hand and you'll be prepared for any situation that may arise.
• Emergency contact numbers (GP, nearest hospital, 24-hour medical services)
• Guide to administering first aid
• Book on childhood illnesses
• Thermometer
• Antiseptic lotion
• Band-Aids
• Sunscreen and lip protection
• Children's insect repellent
• Ice pack
• Soothing lotion for insect bites and stings
• Baby paracetamol (on doctor's advice only)
• Antifungal cream
Sure, it can be loads of fun dressing up bub as your adorable mini-me, but you'll need to cover the baby basics as well. Here's what you'll need.
• Six singlets
• Six jumpsuits (summer or winter style)
• Six pairs of socks/bootees
• One sunhat
• Two beanies
• Four cardigans
• Two pairs of scratch mittens
Bath time
Bathing is a great opportunity for mums and dads to bond with their baby. Have everything you need within reach before you start.
• Baby bath
• Non-slip bath mat
• Baby wash and shampoo
• Cotton-wool balls or pads
• Four face washers
• Two soft towels
• Clean nappy
• Nappy-rash cream
• Sorbolene cream
• Nail scissors
• Bath stand
• Bath thermometer
• Bath toys
• Baby hairbrush
• Massage oil (vegetable based)
When you're breastfeeding, make it a special time for you and your little one with these handy items.
• Breast pads
• Maternity bra
• Nursing top
The nursery
Decorating your baby's room is a great opportunity to indulge your inner interior designer – but what items will you actually need?
• Cot (make sure it meets Australian Safety Standards)
• Firm, clean mattress in good condition
• Two waterproof mattress protectors
• Two sheet sets
• Chest of drawers
• Muslin wraps
• Two safe sleeping bags (Red Nose guidelines recommend these as alternatives to blankets)
• Bassinet
• Shelves
• Change table and mat
• Comfortable feeding chair
• Small table (next to feeding chair for tissues, snacks, etc)
• Baby monitor
• Night light
• Breastfeeding pillow
• Room thermometer
• Portable baby rocker/seat
Out & about
Leaving the house with bub may seem daunting in the early days, so before you venture out, check this list first.
• Child car restraint
• Pram/stroller or baby sling/carrier
• Rain or shade pram cover
• four nappies (minimum)
• baby wipes and soft tissues
• plastic bags for soiled nappies and clothing
• small bottle of hand sanitiser
• change of clothes for bub
• muslin wraps
• two bibs
• baby sunscreen
• Disposable change mat
• Car-window shade
• Portable high chair
• Pram blanket
• Snack
• Toys

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