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Parents are cracking eggs on their child's head for a TikTok

This trend is harmful to children!

By Grace Goumas
Parents are cracking eggs on their child's head for a TikTok trend and viewers are divided on whether this is ok or not.
Now this isn't a new trend, we've seen parents slap cheese on their baby's face before but the difference is, most of these kids are at the age where they are emotionally aware enough to be embarrassed and hurt by this action.
Depending on the child, laughing at a camera after harming your child might feel like a form of bullying for them.
Some parents are allowing the kids to crack an egg on their parent's head after to show that it's funny and some lightly crack it before hitting the head so it's not as harmful.
We probably suggest, steer clear of cracking eggs on them all together.
@mom.uncharted on TikTok is known for calling out parents for controversial trends and she explained that the trend goes two ways, they're left confused or they freak out and are very upset about this.
She continues "But when I see those videos I think, are we that bored as parents and desperate for content?—that we are now in 2023 cracking eggs on our children's heads in hopes that they have an entertaining reaction that we can post publicly online to entertain strangers?"
At the end of the day, there are many ways you can joke with your kids in the kitchen but even as an adult, cracking an egg on someone hurts.

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