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How to raise triplets: 8 sanity-saving tips

Parenting advice for bringing up a tribe of three.

By Fiona Wright
Imagine giving birth to triplets. That's right, three tiny humans. Three! And then once they safely arrive Earthside, it's just the beginning. You then need to feed them, care for them, bath them, clothe them, love them.... did I mention there's three of them? Sounds exhausting, right?
Here's how to thrive and survive raising triplets...
1. Accept and ask for help
You and your partner are outnumbered so it's really important to have a strong support network of friends and family and volunteers who can step in and help. People will offer to help so take them up on it and don't be shy about asking for help especially when your partner returns to work as parenting triplets is not the time to go it alone. In the early months, consider setting up a weekly roster and book in a friend or family member to come over with an extra set of helping hands and give you a break.
2. Manage feeding time
Breastfeeding multiples? Be sure to see a lactation consultant who will show you how to hold your babies, give you tips for getting them on the same schedule and discuss milk supply. Try to express and store your breastmilk so your husband or another caregiver can help you feed the other bubs.
When your little ones start solids, feed them from the same bowl (as long as they aren't unwell) as this is faster and less messy.
3. Sleep routine
The ultimate goal is to get your babies on a sleep routine where they are all snoozing at the same time. It might take some time to get them on a sleep schedule, but it will happen... eventually. Your babies' individual sleep patterns depend on their weight, not their age. They will start sleeping through the night when they are ready. In the meantime, encourage night time sleeping with a calm, quiet environment and a consistent routine.
Is three a crowd or a charm? Ok, it's totally both. (Image: Getty Images.)
4. Allow them to be individuals
Research suggests that dressing twins or multiples alike reduces the chance for the kids to embrace their individuality. As cute as they look dressed in the same outfits, from six months onward try dressing them differently to help bring out their own personality. It's also important to use their individual name, rather than calling them "the triplets".
5. Make time for you
Raising three tiny humans is a tough gig. Call on your support people to give you the time-out you need for exercise, a coffee with friends or simply have a bath on your own. Even a 20 minute time-out can give you a boost emotionally.
6. Make time for your partner
Practically all your time is spent looking after your babies but it's important to make an effort for 'couple time', too. At the end of each day, talk and have a cuddle. It's natural to chat about your three cherubs, but try to discuss other topics as well.
7. Bond with your babes
Between feeding, changing and soothing your babies, you may forget to stop and focus on bonding and getting to know these three incredible humans you've made. Remember, you can never give your bubs too many cuddles and kisses.
8. Relax
Sure, the house might be a mess and there's laundry to be done but just relax, you are not superwoman. You are raising triplets, you are supermama.