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He's a baby whisperer! This doctor has a special trick that will calm a crying baby in an instant

All it takes is a crafty hold and a wobble of the booty.

By Bettina Tyrrell
This will sound like some sort of miracle (or perhaps a big, fat fib) to any parent who has paced a well-worn path into the hallway carpet, while cradling a crying, unsettled newborn. But according US paediatrician Dr Robert Hamilton, this unusual technique for calming a crying baby, works, and it works fast.
The doctor uses a technique he calls the "Hold" which has proven to calm crying babies, two to three months old.
As a paediatrician, Dr Hamilton administrates vaccinations to little babies daily. In more cases, needle plus baby equals crying, so the doctor, who has more than 26 years of experience, has adopted a special technique for holding babies that according to the video above, calms them immediately.

How to stop a baby crying

The paediatrician calls his now-famous baby crying cure, the "Hold" and says it's most useful for babies two to three months old. Any older, they tend to get too heavy to hold in this particular way.
To execute the Hold the doctor wraps the baby's arms, one in front of the other, across their chest, securing them in place with one hand, while also supporting the baby’s head. Then, with his dominant hand, the doctor gently cradles the baby’s bottom, letting the bub’s legs dangle. He slightly tilts the baby forward and wobbles the baby’s bottom, while also gently bobbing and rocking the baby. And like magic, the grumbling, crying and screaming baby settles.
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It may sound a little complex, but once you see Dr Hamilton (the baby whisper) in action, you’re going to want to try it out, too. But if you do give the Hold a go, the doctor stresses to make sure you lean the baby forward as you wrap the arms, because babies do tend to throw their heads around and that can cause a parent to lose their hold on the child.
The doctor also says, that if the baby doesn't stop crying once in the Hold position, you might need to question if it is unwell, or maybe just hungry.