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The midwife from One Born Every Minute shares her key piece of advice for childbirth

It's called labour because it's bloody hard work.

By Fiona Wright
Whether you've been there and done that or you're just keen to know what exactly happens during childbirth, this is the show for you.
The Australian series of One Born Every Minute was filmed entirely at Westmead Hospital in Sydney and follows the journey of expectant couples, their support teams and the midwives.
All the unpredictable (and painful!) moments of labour are captured via 60 remote operated cameras that record around the clock.
Westmead Hospital's women's health director Donna Garland said it's special for Australians to be able to watch these birth stories.
"Birth is such a special and powerful moment," says Donna.
"We are so thankful to all the mums and dads who not only let us be part of their story but are willing to share with Australia in such intimate detail."
Midwife Natascha Dastur from Sydney's Westmead Hospital will appear on the reality series. (Network 10)
Westmead Hospital midwife Natascha Dastur takes part in the reality series and explains the support they provide to the women in labour.
"We encourage women to do anything they feel like doing to help them through labour and the contractions. Scream if she feels like screaming," she says.
"Be whoever she wants and do whatever she wants whether that is screaming, crying, or quietly sitting in a corner not wanting to talk to anyone, sitting in a bath or in their own zen world. As a midwife we are their enthusiastic cheerleader."
The labour room is where all the magic happens. (Network 10)
And for women who feel fear about their labour day, Natashca says women need to be courageous.
"Focus on courage as it's the antidote to fear," says Natashca.
"Tell her what's going on so she knows exactly what to expect and use courage and humour to get rid of fear. Surround her by love and let her know that she and the baby are safe. It's our role to fulfil that for her."
One Born Every Minute Australia premieres Tuesday, 22 October At 8.30pm, on Network 10 and WIN Network.