Zoe Ventoura & Daniel Macpherson are Aussie's coolest parents - and you don't have to look far to know why

We're officially sent.

By Jess Pullar
When Aussie actors Zoe Ventoura and Daniel Macpherson welcomed a brand-new baby son in December 2019, it would be safe to say they left the country completely bewildered.
Aussies had yet to cotton on to the fact Zoe had been pregnant with her first child to Daniel, so it was albeit a glorious surprise to find out they'd already welcomed him to the world.
Named Austin Xavier, the adorable little tot has captured our hearts ever since.
The former Neighbours star, Daniel, spoke candidly of welcoming his baby boy with Packed to the Rafters actress, Zoe, telling The Samantha Gash Podcast that his greatest learning since becoming a dad was to "just be present".
"Looking back now, you can't make decisions about life as a parent when you're not a parent," he said.
"There's things in our DNA, in our cells that we don't even know about that get awakened when you're looking back at a little version of yourself staring back at you going 'Love me, hug me, feed me, hold me.' When all of a sudden, the next job doesn't really matter."
We can't argue with that - and it seems the journey of parenthood couldn't be better for the pair.
Keep scrolling as we look at the best pics of Dan and Zoe's adorable son, Austin Xavier.