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Zoë Foster Blake reveals Sonny has lost his first tooth

And the way she shared the milestone event is hilarious.

By Fiona Wright
One minute you're bringing a tiny newborn home from the hospital and the next you're handing over your car keys and your precious little one is getting their first taste of freedom.
When it comes to parenting, this saying rings true: The days are long but the years are short.
Someone who knows this feeling all too well is author, Zoe Foster Blake who just shared the news that her five-year-old son, Sonny has lost his first tooth.
Sonny Blake is growing up way too fast. (Image: Instagram/@zotheysay)
In a hilarious post to her Instagram stories, the founder of Go-To skincare captioned an image of Sonny, dressed in a Spider-Man costume showing of his toothless grin, with the words:
"First (tooth emoji) gone (tears emoji) Next he'll be pre-loading on UDLs before parties."
We feel you Zoe, the years truly fly by!
Zoe Foster Blake with husband Hamish Blake and her two-year-old, Rudy and five-year-old, Sonny. (Image: Instagram/@zotheysay)
President of the Australian Dental Association, Dr Neil Hewson says it's common for kids to lose their first tooth from around the age of six and emphasises the importance of dental care, even for baby teeth.
"Children start losing their first set of teeth from about the age of six and lose all of them by 12. However, these baby teeth are important for long term dental health," he explains.
"A child's primary teeth are as important to them as their permanent teeth. Baby or primary teeth help a young child to learn to chew and speak properly, and importantly, these teeth reserve the correct space in a child's gums for the 'eruption' of their permanent teeth when they are older".
Congratulations Sonny! We hope the tooth fairy is generous!

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