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Zoë Foster Blake opens up about the reality of sharing your life online

She's not perfect, but that's why we love her.

By Holly Royce
Zoë Foster Blake has to be one of the most universally loved and admired women in Australia.
She is a successful author, columnist, magazine editor, cosmetics entrepreneur, app creator, fashion designer, PLUS mother of Sonny Blake and newborn daughter, Rudy Blake.
Add on top of this that she and comedian husband Hamish Blake are both down-to-earth and hilarious humans, it's no wonder Zoë has amassed over 619,000 fans on Instagram alone.
Speaking to Whimm about her new book Nobody Likes a Fart, Zoë took pains to point out that despite appearances, she is not perfect.

"The idea of balance is rubbish," she told Whimm.
"I'm not perfect, I'm not even trying to have balance, I'm just doing the best I can in that moment."
The entrepreneur also humbly explained that it was people's opinions that have lead to her being adored so publicly, and not reality.
Ah, excuse us while we go back up and read her long list of job titles again... I'd say that, and the fact she is hilarious probably have a little something to do with that admiration.
Zoë is proud of her happy little family, and if people get joy from that, then she's happy, but the reality is they are just another family getting by.
"We don't mind sharing bits and pieces of our life. I've been writing for a long time and my husband's been on radio for a long time and that's just part of our job and who we are."
To be honest, Zoë, this has only made us love you more.