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Zoe Foster-Blake's three-year-old daughter just got a haircut, and her reaction is... unexpected

Miracle work.

By Jess Pullar
Zoe Foster Blake has never shied from showing the realities of parenting her two adorable kids, Sonny and Rudy.
But her latest update is one that mightn't seem quite so familiar to other parents - the art of getting your child a haircut.
Sharing the moment to her Instagram stories (blow-by-blow style), the beauty guru mum wrote: "Have you ever seen someone love a haircut more than this..."
In the three pictures with hairstylist Travis Balcke, Rudy looks calm, collected, even relaxed - breathtaking scenes.
How. (Instagram)
On. (Instagram)
Earth. (Instagram)
The only question left on our lips now is simple: How??
Take any kid to the hairdresser and willing them not to wriggle, push, squeal and / or tantrum depending on the day / time is a stretch.
Seeing three-year-old Rudy not only take it in her stride, but also look like she's been on a several-week-long beach resort vacation followed by a spa day is a damn miracle.
Zoe and husband Hamish Blake with seven-year-old son Sonny and three-year-old Rudy. (Instagram)
In an adorable aside, it looks like Rudy has inherited her mother's stylish head of curls - though Rudy's hair is a lot lighter than her chic mother's.
Zoe is an enigma of unique, yet completely on-point fashion in the Aussie social-sphere.
With a penchant for orange, a stylish brown bob and an enviable collection of cute, quirky sunnies, the 40-year-old brings inspiration to the masses.
Seen here: Orange pastel perfection. (Instagram)

With that said, we can't wait for Rudy to bring her own flair for fashion to the world - no doubt she'll take after her trendy mama.
Looks like the next gen have already got an up and coming fashion icon to look to - now if she wants to give us any tips on how she stays so chill at the hairdressers....

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