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The gross way high-fiving little Wiggles fans made Anthony Field very sick


By Rebel Wylie
In breaking news, kids are gross. Cute ... but gross. And nobody understands that better than the beloved Blue Wiggle, Anthony Field who has claimed that high-fiving his littlest fans left him battling viral meningitis.
The Wiggles stalwart spoke with the Who Are You podcast on Thursday, confessing that he was infected with viral meningitis so badly that it left him unable to exercise for three years.
"I got viral meningitis, which the doctors say I probably got from the audience, high-fiving children and not using the hand sanitiser,' Field said.
"That was dreadful. It was two to three years ago, and now I've just started getting back into exercise. It really laid me low."
The children's entertainer is up there as one of the most beloved Aussie icons. Image: Instagram/TheWiggles.
It's not the first time the beloved original castmate copped an injury on the job. Last year Field was rushed to hospital in Boston following the conclusion of The Wiggles US tour.
The 55-year-old nursed a facial injury after (and this is a bit embarrassing) a run in with a revolving door. OUCH!

Field has previously opened up about his depression and anxiety and how that has impacted his long career in performing.
His career began with Aussie band the Cockroaches in the '80s and then with The Wiggles juggernaut, since way back when in 1991.
Heads, shoulders knees and toes … it appears Anthony Field has sustained a quite a few injuries in his career! Image: Instagram/Wiggles.
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Sydney-born Field has been married to wife Michaela Patisteas for 16 years, as she has supported him through the many world tours the popular children's entertainers perform for their legion of fans.
The couple share three children: daughters Lucia, 15, and Marie, 13, and son Antonio, 11.

A favourite of parents, and children alike, it's probably no wonder that the beloved star is pawed over by his adoring fans. Here's hoping next time he has the sanitiser on hand!