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Who does Ellidy Pullin and Alex 'Chumpy' Pullin's miracle baby Minnie most resemble?

Minnie is a darling.

By Alana Mazzoni
It's been nearly two years since three-time Olympian snowboarder Alex 'Chumpy' Pullin tragically drowned while spearfishing off Queensland's Palm Beach.
But his legacy lives on.
Prior to his death, Chumpy and his beloved partner Ellidy Vlug had been trying to conceive and were considering IVF.
So amid insurmountable grief, Ellidy collected Chumpy's sperm in the hopes of conceiving the child they so yearned for.
Ellidy couldn't be more in love with Minnie. (Image: Instagram)
Ellidy never imagined she would do IVF on her own, but 15 months after Chumpy's death, she fell pregnant on her second round.
The couple's miracle baby came into the world on October 25, 2021, and she honoured Chumpy by giving their daughter his name: Minnie Alex Pullin.
Little Minnie is now seven months old - and every day she looks more and more like her genetically-blessed parents.
With brown eyes that appear hazel when they catch the light, there's no denying that Minnie is the spitting image of her father.
Ellidy often makes comparisons between Minnie and her late partner.
There's no denying that Minnie is the spitting image of her father. (Image: Instagram/Getty)
"I can nottttttt deal with my kid😍😍😍 why are youuuu so f--kn cute like your dadda," she captioned an adorable photo of Minnie in April.
During a chat with Sunrise following her first Mother's Day as a mum, the 29-year-old remarked at Minnie's resemblance to Chumpy.
"She's just the best thing in the world and she looks like him," she gushed.
While Minnie has no doubt inherited her father's beautiful brown eyes, she also bares a striking resemblance to Ellidy.
WATCH: Ellidy Pullin chats to Sunrise about her first Mother's Day. Story continues after video.
The mother-daughter duo have same mouth, nose and button nose - and their similarities will only grow as Minnie gets older!
Speaking to Sunrise, Ellidy said she's finally started to find happiness after an agonising two years without her soulmate.
"I sometimes feel guilty saying this because I didn't think this was possible, but I do just feel so happy now," she said.
"Obviously I'm very up and down a lot of the time, the emotions are crazy, but she's just the best thing in the world and she looks like him."
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