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Pippa Middleton's sister-in-law Vogue Williams floors fans with her post-baby body - but it should be taken with a grain of salt

The 34-year-old gave birth to her second daughter, Gigi, six weeks ago.

By Jess Pullar
Vogue Williams might be better known in these parts as the sister-in-law of Pippa Middleton - who, in turn, is the sibling of the Duchess of Cambridge - but she's given fans a completely different reason to sit up and take notice.
After marrying Spencer Matthews (Made in Chelsea, anyone?) in 2018, the Irish model has since given birth to two gorgeous children, two-year-old Theodore and, just six weeks ago, a daughter named Gigi.
Of course, it's expected that the second-time mum, who is already a certified Instagram pro, would share the sweet new addition to her social media feed - but her latest update stopped fans in their tracks for a completely different reason.
Vogue, 34, shared a video of her tanning routine via her Instagram TV channel, telling her fans: "This one is for all the new tanners and people who want to apply their tan better! @barebyvogue will give you a glow like you're just back from holidays but application is key to looking bronzed."
She continued: "After some fake tan disasters in my life (a lot of them) I have finally mastered applying my tan..."
All seems normal (for an Instagram influencer at least), right?
Well, not exactly - because when the video started doing the rounds on social media, there was one thing fans couldn't quite get past.
Watch the video in full in the player at the top.
Vogue showed her fans how she tans in a new IGTV video. (Instagram)
"Why do u look so fantastic after having a baby?" One penned in the comments section alongside a series of confused emoji faces.
Another was just as exasperated: "ffs Vogue how have u just had a baby... there has to something wrong with you."
"Ok who delivered that baby for you," added another.
Vogue (who was briefly photobombed - or video-bombed if you will - by her husband Spencer) sparked a big reaction in the comments section of her video. (Instagram)
Of course, we ourselves were mesmirised by the video - there's no denying Vogue looks incredible, whether she's just given birth or not.
But it also pays to be aware that this is one woman - a former model at that - and one woman's post-baby experience.
They do say no two are the same - some women's bodies bounce into shape differently to others after giving birth, but it doesn't mean they're any less worthy of celebrating the simple fact that they just bought life into this world.
That much means more than any "toned" or "fit" body.
There's no denying Vogue looks incredible, but her body is no reflection or expectation of any new mum. (Instagram)
Considering Vogue's relation to those in the royal circles, it also pays to note that Duchess Meghan's experience with her own post-baby body back in 2019 after she welcomed her first son, Archie Harrison.
Stepping out at the Lion King premiere in London two months after welcoming Archie, Meghan was the image of radiance - there really is no denying that new mum glow.
And refreshingly, her fitted black Jason Wu gown not only looked gorgeous, but it also didn't hide the fact that her body looked quite different to how it looked a year ago.
Yes, in 2018 she had seriously toned arms and a sample-sized waist - but now, she looked radiant, happy and completely at ease - and just as beautiful.
Meghan was radiant two months after the birth of her first child, Archie Harrison. (Getty)
Let's not forget it - it's great to celebrate mums who work hard to get fitter and in a shape they feel most comfortable with after giving birth, and it's also great if mums choose not to prioritise their post-baby body before other things they feel passionate and excited about (their new brood, for one).
It's time we celebrated all new mums - no matter what they look like from the outside.