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Virgin Australia welcomes kids’ sleep devices on board flights, makes parents' dreams come true

Permission to snooze!

With the rumbling of the engines, roaring of the aircraft tearing through the air, as adults, it can be tricky to get a decent amount of shut-eye on a flight. Well, imagine being a sensitive-to-sound, don’t-feel-like-sleeping-ever baby?!
Virgin Australia has listened to its (teeny-tiny) sleep-deprived passengers’ prayers. From today, Virgin Australia is permitting kids’ sleep devices, like bed boxes, leg hammocks and inflatable cushions, on its aircrafts.
Yep, the airline is allowing Plane Pal, Fly Tot and JetKids Bedbox on every fleet.
So, why are sleep devices for kids on airlines important? Well, essentially, these sleeping tools make flying much more comfortable for kids (and, consequentially, their parents). However, while Virgin Australia have allowed them (following extensive safety assessments, the airline assures), airlines including Qantas and JetStar continue to have their own sleep-device ban in place.
See Virgin Australia for more information.

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