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Turia Pitt's heartfelt poem for her baby boy has a powerful message for all of us

The 30-year-old's personal ode to her son is a must-read.

By Bettina Tyrrell
While recovering from horrific burns she sustained after a fire ripped through the ultra-marathon course she was running, one of the most important questions Turia Pitt had for her doctor was: "would I still be able to have children?"
Despite sustaining burns to 65 per cent of her body, Turia's doctors confirmed that on the inside, everything was fine. Fast-forward six years to December 2017, Turia and her loving fiancé, Michael Hoskin, welcomed their first child Hakavai Hoskin to the world.
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Since the adorable bub's arrival, Turia has been forthcoming with her experiences as a first-time-mum, sharing everything from her thoughts on breastfeeding to intimate shots of the family-of-three.
However, Turia's latest offering, a poem for her baby written in her popular newsletter, is her most personal yet.
Turia alerted her dedicated fans on Instagram that a new newsletter would be arriving in their inboxes on Thursday morning.
"Whenever I get a few minutes, I've been jotting down some words about my experience as Hak's mum so far," Turia penned next to a stunning photo of herself and baby Hakavai.
"I don't want to forget this time and writing has felt good."

The inspirational 30-year-old begins her heart-felt piece describing a situation all new mums know very well:
You were screaming uncontrollably.
I'd checked your nappy. Checked if you were too hot or too cold. Tried to feed you. Tried a dummy on you.
Turia then describes a beautiful scene (similar to the image above), of a mum and her bub enjoying the Australian wildlife and lapping up the sounds of the ocean.
I took you out onto the balcony and held you and we both looked at the black cockatoos and listened to the ocean.
And I started to sing (badly) a Bob Marley song to you.
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The inspired mum recites some lines from the famous Bob Marley song, 'Three Birds', which appears to calm the child.
So now, whenever I'm stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or just flustered as f--k, I pick you up, sing that song, breathe in your intoxicating scent and remind myself not to get too far ahead of right here, right now.
Through verse, Turia's message to herself and to anyone reading is to live in the moment (something we're all guilty of not doing) and relish in the small things. Because in the end, they all matter somehow.
"All you really can do, and need to do, is focus on this moment, and the small step forward you can take today. The rest will follow," she concludes her email.
Turia's poem will be a lasting gift for her son who will grow up to know his mum as a kind and uplifting woman, who not only loves him, but loves to give inspiration to all.