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Turia Pitt speaks candidly about enjoying the "small moments" rather than milestones with her son

''Your time is precious. Spend it on the stuff that's actually precious to you.''

By Alex Lilly
Parenting can be a tough ride and with so many special milestones being achieved every day, it can be hard to keep track.
But Turia Pitt has opened up in a candid Instagram post telling fellow parents that it's not so much about those milestones, but more the little moments that we need to treasure.
Taking to Instagram, the motivational speaker, who is mum to Hakavai, 23 months, shared a stunning selfie and began by telling her followers in her caption "I gave up."
"Before I had Hakavai, I had this idea that I would record all the important milestones in his little life. I thought it would be cool to reflect on when he was older. Also, I like data. But, you know that about me already."
The mum-of-one, who is expecting her second child with fiance Michael Hoskins went on to say, "So, for the first six months or so, I kept a little note open in my phone. Every time he reached a significant milestone (well, significant to me - his first time wearing a gangsta cap was important, OK? That happened on March 14, in case you were curious).
"His first proper smile happened at 5 weeks, he held his own bottle for the first time at 14 weeks, first teeth came through at 24 weeks. There's lots of other things, big and small, jotted down on the list."
Turia admits that she used to keep a record of each milestone Hakavai unlocked. (Image: Instagram @turiapitt)
Turia went on to say that at 44 weeks, she has the last record of Hakavai's she made - "his first unassisted steps."
"It might seem out of character for me (someone who has an entire online course dedicated to helping people achieve their goals) to say this, but: Sometimes we don't finish the challenges we set for ourselves. And that's OK."
"The best times I've had with Hakavai weren't based around the milestones. The best times are the really small moments. The ones that might otherwise pass you by. Like watching him play with his toys in the early morning light, marvelling at his tiny fingers as he moves blocks around with intense focus."
"The best times I've had with Hakavai weren't based around the milestones. The best times are the really small moments." (Image: Instagram @turiapitt)
The motivational speaker concluded her post by informing her followers, "You don't have to finish every task you've set out to achieve this year."
"If you're not getting any value out of the process, if there's no delight in it for you, if there's no greater reason behind it, you don't have to keep going.
"Don't spend your life checking off some list because "you should" do it. Your time is precious. Spend it on the stuff that's actually precious to you."
Watch Turia's sweetest mum moments in the player below. Post continues after video...
Turia's post was met with many similar parents who had lost track of all the details with their second, third and even fourth children.
However, physician and healthy ageing advocate Kate Gregorevic commented with a little piece of advice.
"Probably don't show your second child that book, guarantee there won't be as much attention to detail, all the love, but not the detail," she penned alongside the crying with laughter emoji.
Turia is currently pregnant with her second child. (Image: Instagram @turiapitt)
The motivational speaker is expecting her second child in early 2020 and has documented her pregnancy on Instagram for her fans and followers.
Turia announced her pregnancy with a "Beyoncé-inspired video montage" so we can't wait to see what she'll do for the birth!

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