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“The sound of his cry filled the room – he was perfect!” Turia Pitt’s VERY DETAILED account of her birth

She says: "They placed a mirror 'there' (hectic, I know) so I could see Hakavai's head. I could see his masses of black hair."

By Ellie McDonald
Fact: Turia Pitt is officially rivalling Pink in the parenting-truths stakes with the new mum-of-one now revealing exactly what went down on her little boy Hakavai's 'birth' day.
In a candid newsletter sent to her legion of fans across the country, Turia, who gave birth to little Hakavai on December 14 last year, detailed every moment of her birth, beginning with how she tried to kick off her contractions…

"At 40 weeks and two days, I saw my chiropractor and got my pelvis aligned. I swam a kilometre. I went to an acupuncturist. I made an eggplant parmigiana (I used a recipe touted all over the internet as the best labour inducing food out there - google 'scalini's eggplant parmigiana' for the recipe," she wrote.
"Later, Mum and I were being silly on the couch, Michael was rolling his eyes at our shenanigans and out of nowhere, I did a massive fart and broke out in uncontrollable hysterical laughter."
"My waters broke too."

Turia then went on to talk about how she was in labour for nine hours before being told she may have to undergo C-section if she didn't opt for an epidural.
"I opted for the epidural (which was bloody amazing! I didn't even feel it go in!) and it took around 30 minutes to work," she said.
"I started to feel pretty sleepy and managed to fall asleep for three hours. My obstetrician then woke me up, and said 'You're 10cms dilated, girlie – it's time for you to start doing some work!'" And then he laughed and said 'It's called labour for a reason!'"
"So I started to push. I could still feel each contraction which helped. My legs were in stirrups and each time I had a contraction, I would push against my obstetrician (right leg) and the midwife (left leg)."
"They placed a mirror 'there' (hectic, I know) so I could see Hakavai's head. I could see his masses of black hair."

Around 40 minutes later and Turia and Michael's little boy still wouldn't come out. I was then her obstetrician said "We're going to have to vacuum him out".
"The first time [the vacuum] went on, it slipped off straight away, blood came spurting out and my obstetrician looked flabbergasted," she said.
"The second time, Hakavai slid right out and the sound of his cry filled the room."
"He was perfect to me."
"They placed him on my chest and I started breastfeeding half-an-hour later."

So, how are Turia, Michael and Hakavai faring as a new family now?
While Turia is elated, she does see the "challenging" side of parenting...
"Parenting is hard," she wrote on Instagram. "I've got a baby that sleeps, a supportive partner, parents and inlaws on speed dial, heaps of mates who've had babies and I'm still finding it really challenging and exhausting."
"To all the parents out there, you're all legends, and you're all doing a good job!"
Preach it, Turia. Preach!

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