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EXCLUSIVE: Tristan and Tahyna MacManus introduce their beautiful baby boy

The Studio 10 host and his wife are overjoyed to welcome their third bundle of joy!

By Woman's Day team
It isn't easy fronting up for the Studio 10 cameras every weekday after another sleepless night, but host Tristan MacManus says his newborn son Tadhg is well worth it, as he and wife Tahyna exclusively introduce their third bundle of joy to Woman's Day.
"As soon as he arrived it 
was like he was always here," Tahyna, 35, says of their son, who was born at Sydney's Sutherland Hospital on May 3, weighing 3.59kg.
"It is that final little bit of the puzzle."
And while the couple – who also share five-year-old daughter Echo and two-year-old son Oisin – are now officially outnumbered, they say they're tackling the challenges of a big family as a team.
"But you have stronger players – I'm lucky that I have Tahyna," Tristan, 38, jokes.
"Parenting is not easy," Tahyna agrees. "And certainly with three it's been all over the place, but we're loving every second of it."
The pair are all the more grateful for Tadhg's safe arrival after tragically suffering three miscarriages in four years while trying to expand their family.
Third time's the charm for the smitten new parents, Tristan and Tahyna MacManus. (Image: Alana Landsberry/Woman's Day)
"I think the fact that we went through that, the fact that we spoke about it – especially with each other – it's really opened a topic that's really important and I think that has helped us," says Tristan.
"We were just so happy to be pregnant again."
While they're yet to introduce little Tadhg – who Tahyna says is "really calm" compared to her past babies – to Tristan's Studio 10 family, he says co-host Sarah Harris and the rest of the crew have spoilt them.
"We've had a lot of great people come and give us home-cooked meals," says Tahyna.
"When you haven't slept... I've forgotten dinner times many times so I've really relied on that!"
"He's looking around and taking everything in. I really love this time, watching them grow and become little people," Tahyna says of Tadhg. (Image: Alana Landsberry/Woman's Day)
Actress and director Tahyna says her mother Yvonne Tozzi and younger sister, model Cheyenne Tozzi, 32, have also been an invaluable support.
"[They] have really stepped up," she says.
"Oisin and Dahlia, my sister's daughter, are the same age, so they're like an old married couple – they play, they fight!"
"It's actually amazing in the last five years, our backyard is full of play things and these kids laughing and screaming and there's just nothing like it – the next 
phase of life!"
The family, pictured with all three children, love spending time together. (Image: Alana Landsberry/Woman's Day)
And it seems Tristan and Tahyna, who have been married seven years, are keen to fill their backyard even further – revealing they have thought about adopting.
"There are a lot of kids who need families," says Tristan. 

"It's an avenue we discussed before – they checked the house to tell us what we needed to fix before taking that any further and then we fell pregnant! Certainly we're very much open to it. We still have an awful lot of love to give."
The couple say their son is "that final little bit 
of the puzzle." (Image: Alana Landsberry/Woman's Day)
The pair are also making plans to have a night out together kid-free again – one day!
"We are hanging out for a date night, of course, but we've seen with the other two how quickly this time goes as well... we're going to have the rest of our lives together," he says.
And Tahyna agrees nights out can wait. "Right now, it's babies, nappies, milk and sleep!"
Catch Tristan on Studio 10, 8am weekdays on Ten.

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