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Super Bowl star Tom Brady criticised for kissing his 10-year-old son on the lips

When Tom Brady’s 10-year-old son gave his dad a peck on the lips, the NFL super-star called him back...

By Bettina Tyrrell
Whether or not parents should kiss their kids on the lips is a debate that pops up in the news time and time again.
Previously, parents Hilary Duff and David and Victoria Beckham have come under fire for sharing photos of themselves kissing their kin, and now another name has been added to the fray, supermodel Gisele Bündchen's husband NFL super-star Tom Brady.
Ahead of his eighth Superbowl on Monday, Tom has been starring in a documentary series titled Tom vs. Time. Part three of the docuseries was uploaded this week featuring a scene in which a shirt-less Tom, mid-massage kisses his 11-year-old son John "Jack" Edward Thomas on the lips (watch the full scene above).
The kiss everyone is talking about. See the full video above.
The footage shows Tom, 40, lying shirtless on a massge table when Jack walks in.
"I was wondering if I could check my fantasy team?" Jack asks his dad.
Tom responds, "What do I get?"
Jack sidles up to his dad and pecks him on the lips.
"That was like a peck," Brady says.
Jack begins to walk away, lets out a sigh and rolls his eyes before turning back to kiss his dad, this time for a few seconds longer.
Immediately after the kiss, a displeased Jack wipes his mouth on his t-shirt and continues discussing Fantasy Football.
As soon as the episode hit the Internet, opinions on the appropriateness of the kiss went flying.
We asked Mother & Baby magazine's Deputy Editor Danielle Sen for her opinion on the kiss.
"It's no secret that Tom and his family are affectionate. We've seen plenty of instances where he's been kissing his kids on the lips – and that's totally fine," she said.
"But, perhaps Tom needs to consider the age of his son. I don't think we should be looking at it thinking it's sexualised behaviour, but it could be a little bit embarrassing for his son, as he gets older."

Jack's mother is Tom's ex, actress Bridget Moynahan. Tom shares two younger children with wife Gisele Bündchen. Neither Tom nor the women have commented on the kiss controversy.