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Tim Robards is smitten with his brand new baby daughter as he reveals what it's like being a first-time parent and the 'inspo' behind the name Elle

The former Bachelor welcomed a baby girl with his wife Anna Heinrich earlier this month.

By Jess Pullar
It would be safe to say being a new parent is a big old step in the whole realm of life, but Tim Robards is taking it all in his perfectly physiqued stride.
The OG Aussie Bachelor and Neighbours star took to his Instagram stories on Wednesday inviting fans to question him on everything from parenting to his acting work - and suffice to say he's convinced us he's smitten.
As he was inundated with questions about his new baby Elle, whom he and wife Anna Heinrich welcomed earlier this month, Tim told his followers: "She's been a great little baby though, we're pretty lucky."
One fan also asked him about how they were feeding Elle, with the new dad confirming she was being breast fed.
He said of the technique: "It's the best stuff in the world, maybe I should get some myself, maybe I can".
Someone else then asked how they could get as fit as Tim (who has a strong background in fitness), to which he cheekily replied, "Back to the last one, get on the breastmilk."
Tim spoke frankly about his new role as a parent. (Instagram)
He also spoke about how he and Anna were balancing things out, telling fans: "As a guy it's hard to help with feeding when she's on the breast, but I help where I can other times," then jokingly making a reference to wearing a bright pink cradler to hold baby Elle in.
He added that Elle's sleeping schedule has also been "surprisingly good."
"And the best part about it is I get to wake up to this little face every day."
As for Elle's beautiful name, Tim made yet another sarcastic comment (we hope!) about how they landed on the name.
"So we were going through the alphabet and we got to 'M' and I said, 'Wait a minute can we just go back one?'"
Of course, with both Anna and Tim being passionate about fitness, he explained their dynamic for when the other one needs time for exercise or a walk in Anna's case.
"We're really good as a team, we balance things out," he said, before explaining that if Anna needs to get away for an hour she does, and vice versa.

Tim recently departed his role on Neighbours to reunite with his wife in Sydney and go into full parent mode.
He explained more about the transition, saying that he misses the production team and cast, but not the early mornings.
"It was a lot of hard work but I absolutely loved it," he said.
Tim hinted he has a "few things coming up", which also sound intriguing... a return to set, perhaps?
Watch this space!

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