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From Bicardi to Younique, these are the most BOGAN baby names in Oz (we're not laughing, you are)

There's plenty more where that came from...

By Ellie McDonald
Following her 2016 ‘bogan’ baby-name wrap-up, bub-moniker expert Sabrina Rogers-Anderson is at again, this time collecting a bunch of new, unique did-they-call-their-child-that names bound to get Aussie parents talking.
Names like Blade, Brogan and Younique lead the pack, while Allure, Vegas and even Jack Daniel (without the 's') are on the rise in the 'bogan' baby-naming stakes.
As reported by The Daily Mail, it's not so much that new names are emerging, it's more about the questionable spelling of each name (like, Kylie switching to Kyly and Isaac changing to Izaak).
Rogers-Anderson’s new book, The Little Book Of Bogan Names, features more than 200 ‘bogan’ names that she hopes will not offend, but rather bring people together for a good laugh.
“Most readers have taken my bogan musings as they were intended – a good-natured laugh. We all have a bit of bogan in us that needs to be celebrated.
“Truth be told, I can’t help but like some of these names just a little bit”.
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