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Alex McKinnon's wife Teigan just gave the most hilarious update on their twin girls that will have mums everywhere nodding in agreement

Genetics are a funny thing.

By Faye Couros
Carrying a baby for nine months is no easy feat, especially when you are pregnant with twins, so after all that work, you hope once they are born, and they settle into their little faces that at least one of them will look like you.
Unfortunately, genetics are purely a luck of the draw situation, and you can only cross your fingers that some of your favourite qualities will appear in your offspring.
Teigan McKinnon, who recently welcomed twin girls called Audrey Jill and Violet John, shared a hilarious family update with her husband Alex McKinnon, which included a relatable caption for some mums.
Alex with his carbon copies. Instagram
Alex is holding their baby girls in the post, and the trio looks like uncanny versions of each other.
Both daughters have their father's eyes, nose, and brows – and it's an adorable photo.
Although Teigan had some less stellar thoughts about how she literally grew these children, not one of them looks like her.
"Carry them for nine months and they still come out as mini Alex's," she quipped.
It appears the primary school teacher's testament resonated with her followers, who also feel the way genetics plays its cards can be unfair.
One follower commented, "😂 Not bloody fair hey," and another fan wrote, "Haha story of my life."
Here you can see how much Harriet looks like her mother. Instagram
One kind fan attempted to point out a feature that was like Teigan, she posted, "I definitely some of you in them, the eyes maybe 🤔."
The couple welcomed their oldest child, baby Harriet in October 2018 and in a Christmas picture from 2020, it's clear that she has taken after her mum more than her twin sisters.
As you can see, Harriet clearly has her mum's eyes and smile!
Teigan and Alex got married in 2017, three years after Alex faced the unimaginable in 2014 when he was caught in a lifting tackle which left him with a spinal cord injury and in a wheelchair.
"She's been his biggest support the whole way through." Instagram
The accident is one that no doubt plays in his head, with Alex once admitting: "When people start to treat your injury and the effect that an injury like that can have on your life and how it consumes you, you start to identify yourself with that injury and not myself, Alex McKinnon."
But he's battled through the difficult journey, adding he was nervous about how his relationship with Teigan might change in the wake of his injury - but she's been his biggest support the whole way through.