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EXCLUSIVE: Tania Zaetta shares the highs and lows of finding love and giving birth to IVF twins 48

''It's hectic, busy and noisy at home these days and I love it.''

By Phillip Koch
It's a crisp winter's day on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula and Tania Zaetta is at home with very active twins.
But her love for two-and-a-half-year-old Alby and Kenzie is so encompassing even the "terrible twos" stage can't dim the joy in Tania's eyes as the twins turn her dining room into one chaotic cubbyhouse.
"It's hectic, busy and noisy at home these days and I love it, and wouldn't have it any other way," reveals the former Who Dares Wins co-host and Bollywood star, who gave birth to the twins at 48 after having two anonymous donor eggs implanted.
"Every day they melt my heart with things they say and do. Like when they wake up in the mornings giving me cuddles saying, 'I love you Mummy, I missed you when I was sleeping.' I seriously don't remember what life was like without them, and I don't want to."
Tania, now 51, says becoming a mother after being inspired by famous older mums like Sonia Kruger and Mary Coustas, who also used donor eggs, is even more fulfilling than she or partner of nine years Chris Rogers, 37, dreamed parenthood could be.
"I can't imagine only having one at a time," she says. "It's so beautiful to have two. I have double the cuddles!"
But her new life isn't all melting moments, with adventure queen Tania admitting that sometimes she thinks Alby and Kenzie are more like mini ninjas than little angels.
"There are moments when I do feel like pulling my hair out!" she says.
"It's so beautiful to have two. I have double the cuddles!" Tania says of her twins. (Supplied)

Double the fun

"One of the trickiest things with twins is that when you go out at this age they like to run in opposite directions on me.
When I do catch them and put them in their car seats, we'll have a double poo situation and I'll have to get them both out again to change their nappies.
"With twins everything happens times two, which you do laugh at because it's hilarious and they're getting to an age now where they like to gang up on me."
Tania says Alby and Kenzie – who arrived five weeks premature after a traumatic final stage of pregnancy, which saw her spend three weeks in hospital with dangerous pre-eclampsia – share the special closeness typical of many twins.
"They have a beautiful bond," she says.
"They're always holding hands. They will hug and cuddle and then hit each other over the head with a toy, but if anyone else comes near them or tries to take their toys, they're very protective of each other.
"They started walking at about 12 months and now at two-and-a-half, they're jumping on their trampoline, dancing and climbing on everything. I think they're in training for Ninja Warrior Toddler!
"They're not scared of anything. We take them out on the jetski or on Chris' fishing boat."
"We're very outdoorsy and with my background on Who Dares Wins, they were always going to have some action and adventure in their lives."
Tania in her Who Dares Wins hey-day. (Image: Who Dares Wins)

Doting Dad

Tania says Chris has become the "perfect dad" on top of being an incredibly supportive partner.
"I just got so lucky. He's patient, he's tolerant, and he spoils them rotten with love and affection," she says, revealing that his parental support has allowed her to continue to run her essential oil health kits online business from home and still fulfil her usual media commitments.
"I think we're doing a really good job."
Tania also has a secret weapon in the shape of Captain Charlie, a playful seven-year-old Jack Russell, who is so devoted to the twins.
"I do say we have triplets because everywhere we go, Captain Charlie comes, too," she smiles.
Follow Tania and her twins on Instagram @taniazaetta and discover her essential oil health kits at tania.com.au
Chris is a doting dad to Alby and Kenzie. (Supplied)

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