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New mums Sylvia Jeffreys and Jayne Azzopardi reveal how they're coping at home in self isolation with their newborn sons

''It really is stressful!''

By Rebecca Sullivan
Being a new mum is tough at the best of times, but wrangling a newborn without the face-to-face support of friends, family and extended networks like mothers' groups and mums and bub exercise classes, is a reality many women are facing right now in this new era of self-isolation.
And for Channel Nine presenters - and great mates - Sylvia Jeffreys and Jayne Azzopardi, who both gave birth last month, social distancing with a young baby in tow has brought with it a range of unexpected challenges.
The two TV hosts gave birth within a week of each other and have been self-isolating at home amid the coronavirus outbreak.
They both introduced their sons to their Channel Nine colleagues David Campbell and Belinda Russell during a live cross on Today Extra on Friday morning.
When asked how she was coping at home with her newborn son Oscar, Sylvia said her day-to-day routine thankfully hasn't changed too much.
"We've been doing pretty well to be honest. It's not a huge interruption to our regular routine," she explained.
"There aren't too many places to go to as a new mum!"
Sylvia, who lives with her husband Peter Stefanovic in Sydney's Bondi, opened up about the struggle she faced finding products such as baby Panadol, with many anxious shoppers panic-buying essential supplies and stripping shelves bare.
Sylvia explained that because there is a pharmacy a "250 metre walk down the road" from where she and Pete live, she never expected she would need to stock up on essential medical supplies.
During the live cross, Sylvia cuddled baby Oscar as she explained how she was coping with her newborn in self-isolation. Image: Channel Nine
While adhering to social distancing rules can be a lonely experience for many mothers, Sylvia said she was relying on the virtual support of her girlfriends, like Jayne.
"I have girlfriends like Jayne who have had babies recently. I've also got a mothers group who I'm linked up wth on WhatsApp, which has been a godsend," she revealed.
And thankfully her son Oscar is providing her with plenty of entertainment while she's stuck at home.
"He is just a beautiful distraction from all the uncertainty and weirdness going on in the world right now," she said.
Sylvia uploaded this nervous photo before her live cross, explaining Oscar was feeling unsettled. Image: Instagram
But five minutes later (after a feed), Oscar was back to his regular smiling self! Image: Instagram
Jayne, who also lives in Sydney with her husband Trent, opened up about the anxiety she felt taking her son Joey to medical appointments.
"Last week Joey had to have his first vaccination," Jayne said, before explaining some of the precautions she implemented to ensure her and Joey's safety.
"I'm lucky that the GP is within walking distance. I rang the them and said 'Tell me when the doctor is 10 minutes away', so I didn't have to wait in the waiting room for too long," she said.
"I took my own pen so I didn't have to fill out the forms with a pen other people had touched. I wiped down the pram before we went in, I wiped down the pram when we came out."
Jayne explained some of the stressful encounters she's had with baby Joey recently. Image: Channel Nine
She admitted she felt quite anxious about exposing her son to the deadly CODID-19 virus while out and about, particularly in the waiting room.
"I have to say, when I was sitting there, I was just looking at every single person as a potential germ and anyone who brushed the pram, I freaked out a little bit."
Jayne will have to venture out again with Joey for another medical appointment next week.
"He was a breached baby, he's got to go and have an ultrasound on his hips next week, he's got to see a paediatrician ... all of those things involve getting out into the community," she explained.
"It really is stressful, because we don't know what the impact can be on young babies. So I'll just be as careful as I can, wipe down the pram, press down the buttons in the lift with my elbows and wash my hands, they're so dry and cracked!"
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