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Sylvia Jeffreys gives fans a raw and wholesome reminder of what it's like to attend fashion week as a mum

The art of multitasking.

By Faye Couros
Sydney's first fashion week is back after its hiatus last year, thanks to COVID squandering all our plans.
Life is back into the mundane swing of things, but the excuse to doll up to the nines has finally arrived for people attending fashion week.
Today show presenter Sylvia Jeffrey's has been on maternity leave since giving birth to her son Henry earlier this year.
Whoa concealer city over here! Instagram
But now, she is stepping back into her stilettos and perfecting her eyeliner to attend fashion shows.
Sylvia let fans into her bathroom to share a wholesome, raw and realistic video showing what it is actually like to get ready for an event with a newborn.
Sylvia is applying her eyeliner, concealer and mascara with little Henry strapped to her chest in the series of stills.
Watch Sylvia mastering her mum-level one hundred multi-tasking skills.
At the end of all the candid video's, she posted a picture with a thick layer of concealer under her eyes.
It is relatable to see a big TV presenter still do her own makeup for events, even though we are sure there is a team of makeup artists who would love to paint her face.Sylvia has been leaning into family life and has been updating fans and colleagues with pictures of her sons at their cousin Karl Stefanovic's daughter's birthday, beach days, playground stays and strolls through the autumn leaves.
The presenter and her journalist husband, Peter Stefanovic, welcomed their second son Henry on April 7, almost over a year after Sylvia gave birth to their first son, Oscar, into the world in 2020.
Oscar may only be a one-year-old, but he is already massively taking after his father.
The boys and their cunning smiles. Instagram
In a picture Sylvia posted on her Instagram from a family christening, Peter and Oscar look dapper with the same cheeky grin on their faces.
The dad and son duo look like they are up to some mischievous plans and boyish banter as they prepare to enter a church for the formal occasion.
We are sure more family shenanigans will shake the Sylvia-Stefanovic household once Henry is old enough to get in on the fun.