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This Sports Illustrated model walked the runway while breastfeeding

That's some serious mummy multitasking!

By Alex Lilly
We've seen stars including Elle Macpherson and Tyra Banks modelling for Sports Illustrated, but at this year's Miami Swim Week show, one model was making headlines for a different reason.
Mara Martin, one of the 16 finalists of the Sports Illustrated Swim Search competition, walked down the runway while breastfeeding her five-month old daughter, Aria. And we're glad her little one was wearing noise-cancelling headphones, the crowd was going wild!
Mara took to Instagram to thank all of her supporters and reiterate that women can do it all, but remarked how breastfeeding shouldn't be a headline.
"My story of being a mother and feeding her while walking is just that. Last night there are far more deserving headlines that our world should see."
The model went on to say, "One woman is going to boot camp in two weeks to serve our country (sorry i don't know your IG handle), one woman had a mastectomy (@allynrose), and another is a cancer survivor, 2x paralympic gold medalist, as well as a mother herself (@bren_hucks you rock) Those are the stories that our world should be discussing!!!!"
Mara Martin and Aria rocked the runway!
Mara's message received a lot of support, especially from fellow breastfeeding mums who applauded her for normalising this basic motherly action.
"Empowering!!! Your daughter will be proud of you..."
"Yes mama!!! I LOVE this!! As a breastfeeding mom as well I'm so proud to see this #normalizebreastfeeding"
"Thank you for doing this!!! Breastfeeding isn't as accepted or normalized as people might like to think. I appreciate you doing what seems so natural for some of us and at the same time I've had to defend my love and belief in breastfeeding vehemently to strangers. So thank you again. From a breastfeeding mother of 4."