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'Make this bold statement when you’ve been married for 6 years': Snezana Wood trolled for marriage advice

They're still in the love bubble!

By Rebel Wylie
It's been six months since reality television's greatest success story tied the knot. In a lavish Byron Bay celebration, Snezana Markoski, 38, became Mrs Wood when she married her Bachelor catch, Sam Wood, 39.
Because it's 2019, the pair, who are expecting their second child together, took to their socials to pay tribute to each other and their love. Tributes that, for the most part, were well received amongst the couples legions of fans.
"Whoever says it's all down here from the day you get married is dead wrong," penned Snezana. "It's been exactly six months since I married the man of my dreams and became Mrs Wood and I feel our love and respect for another grow stronger with every day that passes."
While many were quick to claim that the saccharine sweet dedication proved that the Bachelor alum were indeed #CoupleGoals there were those that took umbrage at newlywed, Snez's choice of words.
"Who says it's all down hill?" asked one fan of married life.
"Whoever says it's all downhill from getting married shouldn't say that, that's awful!" lamented another.
"Downhill? Bah!" tutted one commenter, "If you've married the right person and are committed to making it work it's never downhill!"
Then there came those for who the years of toilet seats covered in pee had tarnished that newlywed glow.
"Was downhill for me," wrote one such fan. "Married for almost 5 years and together for 10. Lord let it get better!"
"Bahahaha 6 months!???" scoffed another. "Make this bold statement when you've been married for 6 years maybe!"
Sam and Snez are celebrating six months of wedded bliss. (Image: Instagram @snezanawood)
Marriage is a funny thing. I've been married for ten years, and while there are certainly days I stare at his stupid face and wonder at how lucky I am, those days were a bit more regular before a decade of stepping over his floordrobe to get to the light switch dulled the shine a little, IYKWIM.
But that doesn't mean I begrudge those deep in the love groove of the honeymoon stage.
Snez and Sam were clearly a great match from the start and perhaps their life will always be that giddy kind of honeymoon love we see on their socials.
Maybe they'll never be the couple that spends their nights in separate rooms while one watches football and the other binges on Real Housewives. Not that there's anything wrong with that … (please don't make me watch football!)
WATCH: Sam Wood meets Snezana on The Bachelor. Continues after video ...
Proving that Snez's loved-up sentiments were mutual, Sam himself also took to Instagram to pen a heartfelt dedication to his beautiful wife, writing: "[Six] months ago today you became my WIFE. I fall more in love with you every day even though I wouldn't believe it possible.
"It has been the best six months of my life without question and I cannot wait to spend the next 60 years together xxx."
And I've got nothing but high hopes that in ten years time I'll be writing commentary on the sweet dedications this beautiful couple continue to make to each other.
Because the truth is, the hill might sometimes slope down a little in years to come, but as long as you're riding it together you'll find the paths that lead up too.
Happy anniversary, lovers x

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