Celebrity single mums like Erin Molan and Michelle Bridges are proof there's nothing wrong with parenting solo

''I'm a single parent, I need to be able to do stuff!''

By Maddison Leach
Single mums used to be looked down upon and criticised, even in the last few decades, but a new generation is proving they're just as great as their married counterparts.
In June 2021, there were 1.1 million single parent families living in Australia, with 79.8 per cent of them being single mothers.
That means there are more than 877,000 single mums spread out across the country - and that's no number to scoff at.
In fact, we should be celebrating the single mums (and dads too) around the nation for all the work they put in every day to give their kids the best lives possible.
From juggling parenting and career, to making time for their kids when all they want to do is relax, these women put in the work day after day.
With that in mind, we're cheering on some of the most famous single Aussie mums who deserve a pat on the back.
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