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Roxy Jacenko: “I wouldn’t have had children”

The PR maven admits she would have waited to have her two darling kids if she’d known husband Oliver Curtis would end up behind bars.

By Katie Skelly
It’s certainly been a tough year for Roxy Jacenko after her husband Oliver Curtis’ conviction for conspiracy to commit insider trading in June.
As she now attempts to juggle her ever-growing public relations business and maintain a healthy lifestyle after a shock breast cancer diagnosis that came weeks after, Roxy has confessed that, given a choice, she’d have waited to have kids Pixie, five, and Hunter, three.
“If I’d have had the choice, I probably would’ve done things very differently,” Roxy tells Mia Freedman on the No Filter podcast.
“I wouldn’t have had children until this situation was sorted out, because it’s not right. They shouldn’t have to be in this situation.”

While she once revealed they never discussed the actions that led Oliver to his two-year sentence, the mother-of-two says that, close to a year on, she’s still upset.
“Oli was very hands on with them … he had an ability to work a lot remotely,” she explained.
“That’s for me the biggest issue. I brought these two children into the world, I have a duty and now because of my decision they are going to have this void.”
“I was angry, I’m still angry now. Because as a mother, and I think a lot of people relate to this, if you have children you have an obligation.
“I would forgo my own happiness for my children’s happiness.”

The 36-year-old recently referred to herself as a “single girl” in a clip where she attempts and struggles to zip up a dress without any assistance.
It’s this, in conjunction with snaps of her choosing not to wear her wedding ring, that have led many to believe she’s split from the father of her children.
But when asked recently about the status of her marriage on The Morning Show, Roxy assures that “all is fine”.
“I don’t know who goes to the gym with their jewellery on,” Jacenko said.
“I definitely put a face on because there’s always a few good looking boys in the gym. But I’m still married.
“Look, no marriage is ever perfect. Obviously mine is challenged because of the situation we’re in, but Ollie is a wonderful father and I’ve got my rings on [today], but I don’t wear them to the gym.”
Until recently, Roxy was living a fairytale. A multi-million dollar lifestyle, handsome and successful husband, two adorable kids, and a stunning home in the trendy locale of Sydney’s Bondi Beach.
But only three weeks after her family was torn apart from Oliver’s two-year conviction, the mother-of-two revealed that she had discovered a lump in her left breast and would need to undergo immediate treatment for breast cancer.
“Oli went to jail on the 24th of June, and on the 7th of July, I had cancer,” says Roxy, who is now acting as the sole carer for her two kids.
“I had all the trimmings that make people go, ‘Wow! She’s living the life.’ But the reality is there is not one person, not one family, who is perfect – and I’m no different,” she said at the time.
“But I’ve never been one to be ‘woe is me’… I have a responsibility to the children. They don’t want 
to come home to see me in a blithering mess. It’s my duty to hold it together.”
The picture perfect family in happier times.