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Roger Federer's adorable son puts on a cheeky display during his Dad's stressful Wimbledon match

Federer got off to a shaky start - and his son was not happy!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Roger Federer's track record at Wimbledon is pretty sensational - he has not lost a set in the first round since 2010 and has won a record eight Wimbledon titles, but the world No.3 almost lost his stride during his match against South Africa's Lloyd George Harris on Tuesday.
Federer lost the first set 3-6 to Harris, which seemed to cause a huge amount of stress for his twin sons Lenny and Leo.
Federer actually has two sets of twins with his wife Mirka, 41, who was also a professional tennis player herself before retiring in 2002 because of a foot injury.
As well as twin 10-year-old daughters Myla Rose and Charlene Riva, the Federers have five-year-old twins Lenny and Leo.
And it seems their father's shaky start at Wimbledon caused a bit of stress in the player's box, with the twins making no attempts to hide their shock at Federer's performance.
"Oh no Dad!" Getty
One of the twins is comforted by his mother, Mirka. Getty
Lenny and Leo are more than capable of understanding just how their father is performing in a tennis match, because the youngsters are already budding tennis players themselves.
Federer recently revealed that all four of his children play tennis.
"They're only four, yes, but they've played for a few years now," Federer told CNN Sport last year.
"We roll the ball and hit it along the ground. The ball can bounce a bit more and they can whack it over the net sometimes."
"Good shot!" Getty
He was clearly unimpressed! Getty
And perhaps a little bored ... Getty
"The girls also play a little bit," Federer said.
"Actually we like them to play a bit because all the friends we have and their kiddies, they all play tennis and it would be a shame if my kids are the only ones who wouldn't play tennis.
"I want them to do sports because I think it's a great education, it's good to be out there and healthy."
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Federer recently joked that he used to get his identical twins mixed up.
"I used to sometimes if I couldn't see their face right away," he told Vogue's 73 Questions.
"But no, nowadays I'm a pro. Of course, I can tell them apart.
"I love them so much," he gushed.
Too cute!

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