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EXCLUSIVE: Rebecca Maddern reveals why her first Logies on the Gold Coast holds a very special place in her heart

The Australian Ninja Warrior presenter’s daughter was only nine weeks old.

By Erin Doyle
The TV WEEK Logie Awards are a highlight on most TV celebrities' calendars each year, with the glitz and glamour of the event irresistible to many of Australia's biggest small screen stars.
But for Australian Ninja Warrior presenter Rebecca Maddern, it was last year's Logies in particular that she will forever cherish.
The Channel Nine star, 41, had recently given birth to her daughter Ruby, who she shares with her cameraman husband Trent Miller, and the event ticked off several milestones for the family.
"Last year was a big year for us at the Logies. She was nine weeks old," Rebecca says.
"So the Logies last year will always hold a special place in my heart because it was her first plane trip, first night away from being home.
"My husband and I had no idea what we were doing and we packed everything but the kitchen sink, it was like we were moving overseas for six months when we arrived at the airport. I look back on it and I think oh my goodness, how did I get through? But I did!"
Last year's Logies was a weekend of "firsts" for Rebecca's daughter Ruby (pictured) who was only nine weeks old at the time. (Image: @rebeccamaddern/ Instagram)
Rebecca added that getting glammed up was a whole different ball game as a new mother, but Trent was a great support to have by her side.
"It was hard but it actually worked really well," Rebecca says.
"My husband is an absolute legend, I just fed Ruby and then I went down on to the red carpet and then I had a big dinner then I went upstairs and fed again then struggled to get my dress back up."
Rebecca admits getting ready for the Logies is more "last-minute" now that she's a mother. (Image: Getty)
So just how much has getting ready for big awards shows changed since Rebecca and Trent welcomed their little bundle of joy?
Rebecca says she's scaling back on the things she does to get prepped for the big day and that delegation is key.
"Look, I probably used to put a lot more effort into going to the Logies but just with a child and a busy work schedule it tends to be little more last minute these days," she says. "I still have a special facial treatment though."
Laughing, she adds: "And being from Melbourne, it's the middle of winter so I will also have a spray tan which is very important because I don't want people to think about me being pasty on the red carpet."
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Rebecca with her husband Trent Miller, who she described as a "legend". (Image: Getty)
Rebecca, Trent and Ruby stayed at the lavish Palazzo Versace for their first Logies as a family. (Image: Supplied)
Another change Rebecca is also relishing is the location switch from Melbourne, where the Logies were traditionally held, to the sun-drenched Gold Coast.
"It's fabulous. A lot of people used to come down to Melbourne and make a weekend of it and it was a real highlight on the calendar. Now I get to enjoy that experience and I get to go away," she says.
"But now, getting on a plane makes it far more exciting I think. Last year because we took enough stuff to go for six months because I had a young baby and had no idea what I was doing or what I would need and what I didn't need, we made an extended break of it. So we stayed at Palazzo Versace hotel for a few days after and it was just fabulous."
Rebecca also recommends making the most of the great outdoors when on holiday on the Gold Coast.
"They have the best beaches – enjoy the sunshine and there's a terrific café culture now on the Gold Coast, just pack your really comfortable walking shoes and just get out and walk around and enjoy that magnificent blue sky that is there most of the year," she said.
"They have the best beaches," says Rebecca of the Gold Coast, who loves getting outdoors when she's visiting. (Image: Supplied)

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