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“You go from being a girl to a woman…” Rachael Finch on the joy of being a mum-of-two

She gave birth to her second child, Dominic, in March.

By Alison Izzo and Ellie McDonald
The last time we spoke to model-turned-health-coach-in-training Rachael Finch, this forever-smiling 29-year-old, in all her (literally) glowing pregnancy glory, was less than a month away from giving birth to her son Dominic.
Now, four months later, Rachael is in prime multitasking-mum mode, juggling raising three-year-old daughter Violet and baby Dominic with her partner, Michael Miziner, while running the couple’s business, Body Of Dance By Rachael Finch (and teaming up with Reebok to push us through one helluva workout!).

But something that hasn’t changed is Rachael’s dedication to living her healthiest, happiest life – a mindful ethos she vows to live and breathe as she navigates the sometimes-tricky, always-rewarding terrain of parenthood.
After putting us through our paces, Rachael dropped the kettlebells to let us in on life as a mum-of-two and the importance of finding time to look after yourself – no matter how busy with babies you are.

Life with Violet and Dominic

“Violet didn’t sleep through the night until maybe 12 months. And, you know, two to three times a night was pretty hard on us.”
“The first six weeks with Dominic were the same – and that’s, I think, been the hardest part to motherhood, at the start. If you have poor sleep you can feel jetlagged all day long.”
“Dominic, as of 10 weeks, has started sleeping all the way through, and occasionally he might wake at 4 or 5am for a feed, but he pretty much does 9pm ’til 7am, so I’m pretty lucky.”
“Initially, there was a tiny bit of jealousy from Violet towards Dominic, like, ‘Why has he got my blanket on?’, ‘That’s my rocker!’, and ‘He’s in my ´cot!’ and I tell her, ‘Violet, we share in this family.’”
“Now she’s understanding what ‘share’ actually means. She’s a really good big sister, and she’s taken on the role perfectly. She helps me get the nappies and the nappy wipes.”

A post-baby body transformation

“I think, just generally, you go from being a girl to a woman.”
“There are parts of your body that existed when you were a girl, breasts and butt and everything— and everything changes. It’s hard work getting back in shape… But I don’t mind it at all – it’s beautiful.”
“You really notice those womanly changes, and I think it’s just a true testament to how amazing the body is – you know, what we’re capable of, really.”
Rachael swinging some seriously tough exercises our way, thanks to Reebok.

Working out post-partum

“In the hospital after giving birth, I was doing some slow stretches on the floor, easy static stretching and when we got home from the hospital there was more stretching and slowly, slowly I just starting building upon different muscle groups and took things at my own pace.”
“I think it’s just about listening to your body. I don’t think there’s any one answer for everyone and it’s kind of just…”
Rachael's bicycle crunches for Reebok were harder than they look...

Taking time for YOU

“You’ve got babies, you’ve got family, you’ve got career, you’ve got being social – it’s giving giving giving.”
“You need to give something back to you. For me, there’s no better feeling than feeling strong and healthy and happy so I’ve got to give that to myself in order to give back.”
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