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Beloved icon Princess Diana has been crowned the 'ideal mother'

The Princess of Wales topped a poll to discover who the public believes to be the 'ideal mother'.

By Bettina Tyrrell
Princess Diana, among many things, was a wonderful mother to her boys, an attribute not overlooked by the public, who in a poll to crown the 'ideal mother' put Princess Diana at the top.
Respondents in the UK were asked: "Thinking of well-known mothers, either fictional or real, or from the past or present – what one person would you name as the ideal mother?"
While many responded by naming their own mothers (brownie points to them!), five percent made up the majority who listed Prince William and Prince Harry's mother Princess Diana as the epitome of the ideal mum.
Diana's two sons were the centre of her universe.
"She was our mum, she still is our mum you know and of course as a son I would say she is the best mum in the world," said Prince Harry of his beloved mum.
The Princess of Wales wasn't the only royal to make the list, Duchess Catherine, mother to Prince George and Princess Charlotte received votes as did Queen Elizabeth II. Other powerful and influential woman including Michelle Obama and former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham were some people's idea of a top mum.
Like her mother-in-law, Duchess Catherine is a beautiful mum to her young children.
Somewhat surprising, a few people polled preferred fictional characters, particularly Mary Poppins and the wonderfully maternal Molly Weasley, the mother of Harry Potter's friend Ron Weasley in JK Rowling's famous books.
Hardworking and proud, mum-of-four Victoria Beckham made the list.
The poll questioned 2,015 people in Great Britain and was organised by the the Church Of England in the lead up to Mother's Day in the UK.