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Princess Charlotte's unexpected fashion item in unseen pic proves she's JUST like her mum

Trend-setting already.

By Jess Pullar
When members of the royal family were spotted attending the polo together in July, the world ogled in glee.
Never before had we seen Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis in such a casual capacity as they played together in the English setting.
What's more, the chance to see royal mums Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle wearing such chic off-duty outfits made for all the more glorious viewing.
And during the event, a certain accessory worn by Kate was revelled by the masses - her compact red handbag that looked perfect with her floral summery dress.
But now, it's just been revealed Charlotte had her own stylish accessory to rival her mums at the event, and now we can't decide which look we prefer!
Kate's practical handbag was the perfect addition to her polo outfit, but Charlotte has something to rival it... (Getty)
Yep, in a fashion debut no one was expecting, Princess Charlotte might have just outshone her mum by bringing along her own handbag to the event.
Spotted in a brand new unseen picture shared by The Army in London on Twitter, Charlotte is seen holding an adorable unicorn purse.
While the style might be considered a little on the quirky side of things, we can't help but delight in the fact that Charlotte seems to be as keen on accessories as her trendy mum!
How about this adorable accessory Charlotte is holding?! (Twitter / @ArmyInLondon)
Charlotte definitely isn't the only well-known youngster to follow in their trendy mum's footsteps.
The likes of Suri Cruise has also known to don some stylish accessories in her time - much like her own mum Katie Holmes.
Who could forget the time the now 13-year-old wore a super stylish mini handbag with her floral dress as she and Katie attended the ballet together in 2018?
Seriously, can we get our own version of this chic handbag? (Getty)
And of course Kim Kardashian's little girl North West has also been known to rock some arm farshun in her time (although we suspect North's bags of choice might be slightly pricier than Charlotte's novelty unicorn piece).
Yes, it might seem extravagant for a six-year-old to own a luxury item like this, but we can't deny her neon bucket bag is pretty darn cool.
Kim Kardashian's daughter North West is already a style icon... (Getty)
With this in mind, it makes sense for Charlotte, who already has a devoted fan base, to be just like her trendy mum by setting key trends for seasons to come.
And in the meantime, we'll keep our eyes peeled for any unicorn purses as a novelty gift for any four-year-olds we know - Charlotte's fellow fashionistas in the making!
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