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EXCLUSIVE: Former Home and Away Pia Miller explains why she's keeping her son out of school during the coronavirus pandemic

''With so much unknown, the only thing we can rely on is our common sense.''

By Rebecca Sullivan
Paranoia, fear and well, plain old boredom, have fast become our most pervasive emotions in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. But many people are choosing to reframe the frustration they feel being stuck at home in self-isolation, instead seeing enforced social distancing as an opportunity to slow down and live a calmer lifestyle.
It's a silver lining actress and former Home and Away star Pia Miller is trying to embrace.
"It's forced us all to step back, simplify our lives and focus on things that matter," Pia told Now To Love.
"We're staying indoors, writing, listening to music, drawing and getting creative and doing all the things we normally don't have time for.
"It's actually been nice to actually pick up the phone again and talk to friends and family. It's a really scary time and a tragedy, but if we can find little positives in it for all of us, that's all we can do, other than wash our hands!"
She added: "As with everything, there is a silver lining."
Pia chilling at home in her trackies while in self-isolation. Image: Instagram
While working from home can drive us all a little mad, Pia says there is a silver lining. Image: Instagram
Pia, who has two sons, Isaiah Loyola, from a previous relationship when she was 19 years old, and Lennox Miller, whom she shares with her former AFL star ex-husband Brad Miller, has decided to keep her youngest son at home from school during the COVID-19 outbreak.
"I chose to keep my little guy at home. He has asthma," she revealed.
"There is so much unknown and with so much unknown, the only thing we can rely on is our common sense.
"We are isolating, so it's been nice. We are spending a lot of time together. It's been fun and it's also been ... we're just on top of each other all the time," she laughs, sharing a predicament that many parents can relate to right now.
Pia pictured during a recent holiday with her sons Isaiah (centre) and Lennoz (right). Image: Instagram
Like mother, like sons! Image: Instagram
And as anyone who's been stuck at home in self isolation would know, it's very easy to slip out of your normal routine.
With nowhere to be and no one to see, many of us are finding our beauty routines have fallen by the wayside.
Pia, who is an ambassador for Pantene and is promoting the launch of the brand's new Pro-V range, says maintaining some sort of self-care routine is important to ensure we stay sane over the coming days and weeks.
"I think doing everything we can to feel fresh and feel good for the day is important," she said.
"Washing our hair, doing the face masks, but really taking our time to do it. It's really important, even for my own mental health, to have a nice long shower, wash my hair, put the effort into things things we normally don't get to do. It has been really nice."
WATCH BELOW: Pia Miller walks the red carpet with her son Isaiah. Story continues after video.
The 36-year-old is currently dating 54-year-old American agent Patrick Whitehall, the CEO of Hollywood talent agency WME,
The agency boasts a number of A-list clients including Matt Damon, Hugh Jackman and Ben Affleck.
Pia and Patrick were first linked in May last year, and he made his first appearance on Pia's Instagram feed in December, when she posted a sweet couple pic of herself and her beau while on holiday in Paris.
Pia, who split from her former fiancé Tyson Mullane last year, is clearly head over heels for Patrick and now divides her time between the US and her home country.
"I go back an forth between LA and Australia," Pia told Now To Love.
Pia posted this photo of herself on Instagram this week with the caption: "Long distance love". Image: Instagram
Pia and Patrick pictured in a loved-up Instagram selfie. Image: Getty
With Australia now enforcing a total travel ban, Pia and Patrick may be looking at doing long distance for a while.
On Instagram, the star has been open with her followers about her relationship status, frequently posting photos of herself and her beau.
This week, Pia posted an old photo of herself speaking into a telephone, with the caption: "That long distance love 📞".
In response to a fan who commented "Keeping him happy" on her post, Pia wrote: "Keeping each other sane...! So far away though 😔💔".
Pia remained coy when asked by Now To Love how she and Patrick were handling their long-distance relationship.
While she said she'd prefer not to elaborate on her personal life, Pia said she has "friends and family that live all over the world...let's just say FaceTime has really gotten a run for its money recently!"
Ah, love in the time of corona.