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EXCLUSIVE: Phoebe Burgess manages the "organised chaos" of new motherhood with Pilates, a nanny and a "balanced diet"

The wife of NRL star Sam Burgess reveals how she gets it all done.

By Rebecca Sullivan
On Instagram, Phoebe Burgess might look like she's got parenting all figured out, decked out in a Balenciaga cardigan on a recent trip to the zoo and glamorous family holidays at a $1000-a-night Whitsundays resort in Chanel sandals.
But the wife of NRL South Sydney Rabbitohs star Sam Burgess says her life as a mum is "totally organised chaos", just like any normal parent.
The gorgeous 29-year-old is mum to Poppy, two-and-a-half, and Billy, seven months, and is finding her feet as she juggles working as an influencer - she's an ambassador for supplement brand Ostelin, Johnson & Johnson and luxury hotel Daydream Island Resort.
"Our house has embraced the chaos, because I have two and it's non-stop," Phoebe told Now To Love.
"It's almost better [with two children, as opposed to just one] because I'm in a routine. I have the kids on the same dinner, bath, bed routine and they're so close together in age that I feel like I'm in the trenches with nappies and poo and I don't really know anything different. I've been open about how I found the jump from no babies to one baby more challenging than the jump from one to two," she said.
"Sometimes I juggle really well, sometimes it's just about figuring it out as I go along."
And of course Phoebe, who is married to one of Australia's highest earning sports stars (Sam makes about $1 million per season with South Sydney), has help easily accessible.
"You have people to help you ... We have a nanny that helps me out so I can do things for myself every now and then," Phoebe revealed.
Phoebe with Billy and Poppy wearing a head-to-toe outfit by Bassike. Instagram
Phoebe and Sam with their kids at Taronga Zoo. Instagram
As any mother knows, recovering after giving birth is a long process that can take months. Having given birth just seven months ago, Phoebe says she is getting back into Pilates and starting to feel strong again after a difficult pregnancy.
"The second one is a bit harder on your body. I found the recovery with a two and a half year old really tough," she said.
"We have those gorgeous hormones that make us wonderful mothers, but it can also make us have a flabby bum. It's turning on the right muscles because your muscles turn off after a baby.
"I found that getting back into my Pilates is helping me find my centre and balance again. It's a moment for me that's just for myself .. a pause in the day. It's quite meditative."
Phoebe says pilates has been her body saviour after giving birth. Instagram
Phoebe at an NRL game with baby Billy in March. Getty
And when it comes to food, Phoebe says she's "never dieted" and sticks to a healthy, balanced diet.
"I've never really dieted. I've made sure it's very balanced. I just don't believe in fad diets," she said.
"There are obviously times when I need more energy and there are times when I'm not as hungry and I go with what my body wants."
The Ostelin ambassador is encouraging her 80,000 Instagram followers to get more vitamin D, by spending more time in the sunshine outdoors
"It's health 101. Get outside, be active, make sure you're eating the right amount of vitamin D foods, so oily fish, eggs, broccoli, kidney beans, things like milk, dairy, cheese ... making sure you're getting adequate amounts of those foods. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and asking your doctor to check your vitamin D levels," she said.
Phoebe and Sam have reconciled since the cheating scandal. Instagram
Phoebe and Sam posted this gorgeous family selfie when Billy was born in December. Instagram
Sam and Phoebe appear to have reconciled completely, after allegations emerged last year that Sam had been embroiled in a sexting scandal while Phoebe was six months pregnant.
It's alleged the 30-year-old English-born star sent inappropriate messages to a 23-year-old woman following the Rabbitohs' victory over the Warriors in Auckland on May 26.
The woman lodged a formal complaint with the Rabbitohs, claiming she felt "disgusted and violated" following the incident, and alleged the club had not properly dealt with the issue.
But following an internal investigation, Burgess was cleared of "any actionable misconduct".
Watch the moment Sam and Phoebe stepped out for the first time as a couple. Story continues after video.
"We are together, we are married. I've always believed that in the end, love conquers all," Phoebe told Stellar magazine in April.
"The main thing I'd like to say is that we're a young family and we're learning every single day," she said.
"Sam and I will have good days and we'll have trying days. We'll have challenges but it's how you deal with those challenges together. Every single person on this planet who is married knows it isn't perfect. It's never going to be perfect."
And if you're hoping to get the goss on exactly why she forgave Sam and agreed to stay with him, don't hold your breath.
That "will always and forever just be between Sam and I," Phoebe said.

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