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Peppa Pig episode banned in Australia for teaching kids a dangerous message

To be fair, it is pretty uniquely Australian.

By Kate Wagner

Peppa Pig, aka the reason your child speaks in a weird quasi-British accent that you have to awkwardly explain is because they watch too much TV, has been banned in Australia.

Well not in its entirety – sorry – but one episode in particular was given the axe for teaching Aussie children a dangerous lesson.

An episode of the popular kids’ TV program encouraged children to play with spiders, insisting they were harmless.

While the might be the case in rainy ol’ England, Australia has quite a reputation for pretty much any animal you touch trying to kill you, especially spiders.

The episode first aired all the way back in 2004 but has had to be removed a second time after Nickelodeon channel Nick Jr aired it on August 25th this year.

In the episode, a terrified Peppa Pig is told by her dad that spiders “can’t hurt you”.

He then picks the spider up and tucks it into bed before Peppa says: “We are all going to have tea with Mister Skinny Leg.”

The episode has been aired by ABC before, as well as being removed from the internet in 2012, in an attempt to stop littlies trying to take redbacks to tea with them.

Prince George's all-time favourite cartoon character jetsetted down to Australia earlier this year, visiting the Great Barrier Reef, explored Uluru, learned to surf, and met with local kangaroos, wallabies and koalas.

The family seemed to have a jolly time and no reports of the cartoon pigs watching their flesh rot away after being bitten by a whitetail spider.

Ahh, Straya.