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Patti Newton and Lauren Newton have family night out to the theatre

They left their husbands at home for a fabulous girls' night out!

By Rebecca Sullivan
They might belong to one of the most celebrated families in entertainment, but the Newtons enjoy a low-key family night just like the rest of us!
Patti Newton joined her daughter Lauren Newton and two of her grandchildren, at the opening night of Barnum The Circus Musical in Melbourne on Thursday.
Patti and Lauren left their other halves at home for the evening for a fabulous girls' night out, with husbands Bert Newton and former Olympic swimmer Matt Walsh sitting this one out.
Lauren and Matt have five children together, Sam, 11, and Monty, two, and sisters Eva, nine, and Lola, six, along with their newborn, Perla.
Patti with Lola, Eva and Lauren. (Image: Getty)
Girls' night! (Image: Getty)
How good are those Newton family genes??!! (Image: Getty)
Perla is Bert and Patti's fifth grandchild, and the pair recently posed for a rare family portrait with the Newton family's newest addition, at Perla's christening earlier this month.
These new happy snaps were captured at Perla's christening recently, and showed both Bert and Patti looking healthy and upbeat.
"A perfect day celebrating our precious Perla's christening," Patti wrote on Instagram.
Bert and Patti at Perla's christening. (Image: @pattinewtonofficial/Instagram)
How adorable is this family?! (Image: @laurenelisenewton/Instagram)
Bert has previously opened up about how much joy his grandchildren bring him.
"They wouldn't realise it at the moment, but they have made this one of the happiest times of my life," the 80-year-old told the Herald Sun in 2016,
"There is that old saying, the wonderful thing about being a grandfather, or grandparent, is that you give the kids back. But in the case of Patti and myself, we don't want to."
WATCH BELOW: Patti Newton talks about Bert Newton's most recent health scare.
In 2012, Bert underwent a quadruple heart bypass surgery and was also hit with a bout of pneumonia.
"I've had a couple of bouts of pneumonia," Bert told TV WEEK last year.
"Health-wise, it's the only enemy I've got. If I'm not careful and don't watch it, I end up having to go to hospital.
"I didn't realise how serious pneumonia is, but on the happier side of things, I'm here. That's the important thing."

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