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Parents lost 3-year-old boy in a corn maze and didn't realise until the next day

Apparently losing a child in a corn maze happens quite often...

By Melanie Aman
If not everyone makes it out of the corn maze, can you still consider it a success when you reach the exit? Maybe not for this Utah family, who left behind one of its members in the mass of cornstalks.
According to The Washington Post, an unrelated guest found a distraught 3-year-old boy at Crazy Corn Maze in Salt Lake City, Utah, earlier this week. Aww, poor guy!
"He was crying and upset and obviously scared," maze co-owner Kendall Schmidt told The Washington Post.
"We couldn’t get him to give us his name," Schmidt said. "He could say his brother’s name and his cat’s name, but not his own name."
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At first Schmidt, 42, didn't sound the alarm bells because losing a child in a corn maze happens quite often. The little boy watched Finding Dory on an off-duty officer's laptop while staff members went through the maze with bullhorns looking for his family. When closing time came and went without someone coming forward to claim the boy, the staff alerted authorities. The tot ended up spending the night with the Utah Division of Child and Family Services. Doesn't this just make you want to tuck in your little ones a bit tighter?
Around 7:45 a.m. the next morning, Mum phoned the West Jordan police after finally noticing that her son was missing. When she arrived at the police station, she had 10 other kids with her. According to USA Today, the little boy lives in a home with multiple families, which might explain why it took her that long to realise he was missing.
The Division of Child and Familly Services (DCFS) told police they would need to question the mother first before allowing him to return to her custody. DCFS is investigating, and there is no news about whether the 3-year-old has yet been released to family. We're so happy he's safe and sound after this frightening incident.
This article first appeared on First For Women.