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"Stay home and breastfeed your child": Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott shamed for going to Coachella

The new parents went to Coachella music festival for their first post-birth trip alone together this weekend, and fans were not impressed.

By Emy LaCroix
Parents are people too, and they need to have fun sometimes! However, fans are shaming new parents Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott after they went to Coachella for their first post-birth trip alone together this weekend. Little two-month-old Stormi Webster didn't tag along, and instead stayed in Los Angeles with a family member or one of the four nannies Kylie and Travis employ.
Apparently, that's not okay.

"Poor Stormi! Dumped as a accessory by the nanny so her childish mother can get drunk three days in a row. Only parading around with her baby to show off her Fendi stroller," wrote one hater on Instagram referring to a recent photo new-mum Kylie posted of her outfit matching Stormi's pram.

"I just know that if I was a mumma and I had a baby only two months ago, I'd be home with her/him every second. Of course I'd want a break, no doubt about it. I just personally feel as if two months is barely enough time to be able to leave your baby in the hands of other people," said another.
"You should be home breastfeeding your daughter. You out here drinking alcohol smh," said a third angry fan.
Luckily, plenty of fans were on Kylie's side. "You have a child don't you, I'm sure you've had your nights out. Just because she's a celebrity doesn't make her any less human," said one fan.
Another asked haters, "Why are you all pressed over HER daughter?! It's her life, let her do whatever."

While we're kind of surprised Kylie left her daughter for a long weekend, we were excited to see Kylie and Travis enjoying some time together. Kylie posted her first photo with Travis on Instagram (except for her birth announcement video for Stormi) this weekend, and it's good to know they're happy together and making a point of still working on their relationship.