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Busted! New dad Osher Gunsberg caught off-guard in the most adorable parenting moment

“Here's your coconut bum cream! It smells like dinner in Byron Bay”

By Erin Doyle
He welcomed his new son Wolfgang just over two weeks ago, but it appears Osher Gunsberg is taking to parenting a newborn like a duck to water.
And The Bachelor host isn't shying away from some of the more unpleasant tasks of parenting like changing nappies.
In fact, he seems to be relishing the activity, judging by the latest adorable post on his Instagram.
The video, filmed covertly by his mother-in-law, shows Osher singing a tune while attending to his son at a changing table.
"Busted. My wonderful mother in law secretly filmed me changing Wolfie the other night," Osher captioned the post.
"This is my "coconut bum cream" song. Anyone that knows me, knows I sing/narrate a lot of my life - because if we don't sing as we go, how are we ever going to feel like we are in a musical? Yes, Wolfie and I are working on choreography too."
Busted! Osher was caught singing a little tune while changing Wolfgang. Image: @osher_gunsberg/ Instagram
And just when you think things couldn't get any cuter, just have a listen to actual song itself (watch in player above).
"If we don't get this, it will be in the way. There's going to be some pee all over us no matter we say," Osher sings.
"You've got a new nappy! Woo! Here's your coconut bum cream! It smells like dinner in Byron Bay"
Osher and partner Audrey Griffin welcomed their first child together in August 25. Audrey also has teenage daughter Georgia from a previous relationship.

During an interview with Now To Love just weeks before his baby boy arrived, Osher revealed the couple were beyond excited to welcome their little one into the world.
"I'm not freaking out at all, everything's pretty great. We know the date, better be ready! We're looking late August, early September, so that's our launch window!" he joked.
As Audrey's due date rapidly approached, Osher was keeping busy preparing for that date – buying baby furniture from Gumtree, recording extra podcasts (he's got his own show, The Osher Gunsberg Podcast) so he can have time off and and trying to figure out what name to give their baby.
"I thought 100 per cent it was going to be born with XX chromosomes but what do you know, the tests showed that it was a XY," he said, explaining that he and Audrey were adamant they were going to have a girl.
"Currently, as every parents do I'm sure, we're currently throwing around baby names but if the kid gets to five and goes I'm sorry, you're gonna call me Christine, then alright then!
We'll love you no matter what. So it might be coming out with XY chromosomes but whatever it wants to be, we'll love it no matter what.
"We're so happy that so far everything looks tip top. I'm really quite present to the fact that that's not the same for everyone and I'm really aware of that and I'm just super, super grateful that at this point everything's going really well."
New parents! Osher and Audrey (right) just welcomed their new son two weeks ago. Image: @osher_gunsberg/ Instagram

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