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EXCLUSIVE: Meet Nikki Webster's baby boy

The Aussie sweetheart shows off her ‘precious little man’ for the very first time.

By Leigh Credlin
She soared high above the crowd at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony and found pop princess stardom with the release of her noughties hit Strawberry Kisses, but Nikki Webster's favourite role by far is being mummy to her two adorable munchkins Skylah and Malachi.
"I think I'm the luckiest mum... but I know every mum does," she tells Woman's Day as we sit down for a catch-up at her gorgeous home in Lidcombe in Sydney's west.
"It's the best job. The fact they grew inside of me, that I carried them around for nine months, is still crazy to me. I love watching them grow and develop, and being on their journey with them.
"And of course, getting all the kisses and cuddles and having mum time, when no-one is around. When it's just us snuggling on the couch together, reflecting on our day."
"He's the funniest kid with so much personality," she says of her "mama's boy" Malachi.
Nikki shocked the nation in November last year when she revealed she and husband Matthew McCah had quietly welcomed their son Malachi a few weeks earlier. But the 31-year-old dance teacher insists it wasn't a conscious decision to keep her second pregnancy under wraps.
"I was just so busy!" Nikki reveals as she proudly shows off her 13-month-old for the first time to Woman's Day.
"Then I realised I was pregnant [laughs] and we had him. It wasn't anything strategic. We also wanted to give the kids time to bond together – and it was about me finding time to bond with them as well."
While Matthew was sadly unable to make our photoshoot due to work commitments, Nikki tells us they decided Christmas was the perfect time to introduce their "precious little man" to the world.
"It's is a big thing in our family," she says. "It's about giving and being together as a family."
They're twins! Skylah is the spitting image of Nikki at the 2000 Sydney Games.

Sibling bond

Watching Skylah, four, and Malachi play together, it's clear they share a special connection.
"She's a good big sister. The first thing she thinks of in the morning is him, and he's the last thing she thinks of before going to sleep," says Nikki.
"Skylah wanted a girl, [but now] she thinks it's pretty cool having a brother. She gets boys' toys and girls' toys to play with! There's a lot of pluses to him being a boy. She adores him. They'll have their moments growing up, but I just hope that always know they've got each other."
Although she's adjusted to being a mum-of-two – sleepless nights withstanding! – Nikki feared she wouldn't have enough love in her heart to give a second child.
"It's a big adjustment having two," she says. "I think for any mum it is. You need an extra pair of hands all the time. You're splitting your attention... you're finding that balance. Anyone that says it's easy, hats off to them. But it is hard."
As a result, Nikki's made it a priority to still have special mummy and daughter time with "La La"– especially as Skylah is starting primary school next year.
"We love getting our nails done together. We love girly things," Nikki explains. "I think Skylah's ready for school. She's done her orientation days and she just loved it."
"He's the funniest kid with so much personality," she says of her "mama's boy" Malachi.

A star is born

With her golden ringlets and natural star quality, comparisons between Skylah and her famous mother are naturally forthcoming.
Skylah is enrolled at Nikki's dance school, loves putting on shows in the family's living room and has watched snippets of her mum's performance at the Opening Ceremony.
However, Nikki insists there's no pressure for her mini-me to follow her into showbiz – and Skylah even tells us she currently wants to be "a doctor".
Malachi – who started walking at nine months, just like his older sister did – has also inherited his mum's musicality.
"He has natural rhythm and is already bopping around, taking direction and turning around," says Nikki.
"He loves music and is so full of energy. He's cheeky, very loving and gives lots of beautiful kisses and hugs. But he's also very independent and likes to explore. He thinks he can do whatever Skylah can do!"
Nikki will support her kids "150 per cent" if they want to follow her into showbiz.

Making music again

While her focus is on her family and her dance school, which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, Nikki's also getting back behind the mic!
She and older brother Scott are releasing a new song and video clip for kids in the coming weeks. Titled Move Your Body, it's about being active and healthy.
However, there is another song of Nikki's that's on constant rotation in her household.
"Skylah loves Strawberry Kisses! It's her favourite. She knows all the words – both versions. The old one and the rap from the 2017 version. I have the costume somewhere in my wardrobe, so I'll have to get it out for her!"
As for whether or not another angel will be joining their family, Nikki says it's not off the table.
"Never say never – all children all blessings," she says. "I'm lucky that I've got one of each, but, more importantly, I'm lucky that I've got two kids who are healthy and who are developing."
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