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This mum’s lunchbox fail is nothing short of hilarious

What happened when a mum told her five-year-old to pack a “frozen juice pouch” for school…

By Katie Skelly
A Queensland mother has taken to Facebook with the side-splitting tale of the time she accidentally sent her five-year-old daughter to school with a rather inappropriate lunchbox filler after she told her to grab a “frozen juice pouch”.
“EPIC lunchbox fail when you tell your five year old Preppie to put a frozen juice pouch in her lunchbox and you forget the other pouches in your freezer!” she wrote in a post that’s now understandably gone viral.
It wasn’t until she’d received a phone call from the teacher that she even became aware of the mix up, which led her daughter off to school with a raspberry vodka combo.
“It made for a veeeery interesting phone call from the teacher!” she said.
While the blunder could indeed have resulted in a more serious outcome, the mum has reassured the world that her oversight was received by the school in good nature.
“They were very good about it. I made light of it (it was obviously innocent on my daughter’s behalf). I apologised for not sending enough for the teachers and they just laughed thankfully.”
This news comes just weeks after a South Australian mother’s three-year-old returned home from kindergarten with a warning from her teachers about the contents of her lunchbox.
“Your child has chocolate slice from the Red Food Category. Please choose healthier options for Kindy,” read the note, which was accompanied by a sad-face emoji.