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Mum SLAMS her son's vegan ways on Facebook, her savage post goes viral (and we totally get why)

This mum's takedown is kind of hilarious.

By Jacqui King
After her son took her to a vegan restaurant, a mother’s sassy response on Facebook has been shared by thousands of people.
Teenager Dan Nicholson decided that The Egg Café, dubbed the “premier vegetarian/vegan restaurant” of Liverpool, UK, would be his venue of choice to celebrate getting his A-level results (kind of like the HSC).
It was clear his meat-loving mum didn’t share his enthusiasm for the plant-friendly menu. She wrote on Facebook: “Why can't I have a normal teenage son who enjoys burgers, pizza, and, God forbid, chicken kebab? Hey ho, vegetarian restaurant and spicey lentils it is. Oh yum. Going to hug a tree next.”
In response, Nicholson tweeted out a screenshot of the post to his Twitter account – to date, it’s had more than 2,300 retweets and close to 16,000 likes. His comment read: “Took my mum to a veggie café yesterday to celebrate results and she was clearly thrilled.”
The one positive? She didn't totally hate the food. Nicholson wrote in a later comment about his mum: “She had the bean burger and enjoyed the vegan mayo so not all hope was lost.”
According to Nicholson, his mum is a bit of a jokester and wrote her Facebook post all in good fun. He told Munchies: “My mum does like to post stuff like that on Facebook, she does rate herself as a bit of a joker and this post was hardly an exception.”

“I personally didn't expect the huge response I've got, which mostly seems to be either 'Serves you right for eating meat' from people that can't understand it's a joke, or (well deserved) praise for The Egg Café,” he continued.
Unfortunately, he doesn’t think his mum will be converting to a meat-free life anytime soon. “I really hope she does [become vegetarian] but alas I can't see it any time soon, or any tree hugging for that matter," he said.
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